Our Ambassadors


Aashna Sehgal

IG: @heyitsaash

After having lived in five countries, I now call Kuala Lumpur home! It was mostly the Nasi Lemak that convinced me. Here, I hope I am able to share my love for all things food, drinks and caffeine.



I’ve lived abroad for 20 years, before returning to Malaysia, where I spent a decade in brand management and sales. I now head operations, create recipes, and cook at an organic farm. I imagine my last meal on earth to be telur itik masak lemak, percebes with aioli, onion uttapam, côte de bœuf layered with foie gras, and a scoop of Berthillon ice-cream, in that order.



IG: @carbesdiem

When it comes to food, one must know how to taste. There are no rules or inhibitions, just….reservations. As an avid foodie, I’m not one to be picky and I’m always up for an adventure. From cheap eats, to hidden gems, to fine dining, I’m one to appreciate all kinds of cuisines and experiences. Food is innovative, fusion is inevitable, trends are constantly changing, and I will be your guide on how to keep up!


Chia Hui Tzi

IG: @chiahuitzi

A tiny girl with a huge enthusiasm towards food, specifically the specialty coffee culture, speakeasy bars, and anywhere with an interesting concept or story to tell. Don’t be surprised to catch me at your neighborhood cafe, enjoying my brunch with a cuppa!



IG: @foodingabout

Hello! I’m Hannah, a Leo baby who’s creative, passionate, warm-hearted and cheerful with a touch of sass 😉 I’m an avid traveler with a desire for experiencing and embracing different people, places, and cultures. Always up for meeting new people and having a good time. Cheers!



IG: @magiepar

Not your average foodie, indeed. I am an emcee and an event planner. My life is entertaining merry-go-round of my love for food, developing good knowledge about food, and food photography. My goal is being able to travel around the world to experience many different delicacies.



IG: @ohohhotchoc

Hi I’m Nurul and I’m currently employed in the banking sector. My interests are exploring and experiencing new flavors, and I especially love coffee and cake. What started as a hobby has now developed into my passion and I just can’t seem to get enough!



IG: @sabrinanoms

Hello! I am a major foodie that loves going around trying various kind of food. Trying out new food not only makes my tummy happy, but it also takes my mind away from my busy life.



IG: @wandering.wally

My dreams revolve around three words: Eat, Cook, and Travel. It is a joy to eat good food. If they’re not meant to be enjoyed, then why do talented chefs exist? Okay, enough pondering and let’s eat!

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