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Take a hefty bite of the Big Apple at Brooklyn B, possibly the Klang Valley’s first hipster cafe that centers on bagels. Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_2

Brooklyn B replaces Subang’s Cham Bagel Bakery; it’s now run a Malaysian team coached by Cham’s Gambian owner, who spent 16 years making bagels in New York City. This new outlet has been entirely refurbished, transforming it into a relatively trendy-looking hangout that might perform better among SS15’s college crowd.

Freshly baked

Brooklyn B’s bevy of bagels is freshly baked, supplying a distinctive chew that’s densely solid without being distressingly strenuous.Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_3

Bagels are served all day long starting 10am, except on Mondays; begin with breakfast, when a warm bagel sandwich can be savored, heartily stuffed with scrambled eggs and veggies (RM8.30).

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Lunch might be the classic bagel with lox and cream cheese, plus capers and spring onions (RM15.50); Brooklyn B’s salmon proves surprisingly luscious, signaling that the outlet is serious about stocking up on top-flight ingredients.Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_5

For dinner, when Brooklyn B’s speakers switch to the turbulent sounds of Florence and the Machine, consider the garlic-topped bagel filled with soft corned beef, Worcestershire sauce and black pepper (RM11.90).Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_6

Regular bagels range from savory ones flavored with onions, poppy seeds and sesame seeds …Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_7

… to sweeter varieties tinged with blueberries or apple cinnamon (RM3.50 each, RM12 for four), perfect to have plain for a snack.

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Brooklyn B’s can’t-stop, won’t-stop-eating addiction: Bagel chips, thinly sliced & baked till golden-brown, even crunchier than potato crisps.Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_9

Excellent with creamy aioli; very simple but purely enjoyable.Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_10

Speaking of pure enjoyment, Smooshie Juice, our favorite  ‘fruit juice purists,’ are in the top three of an Alliance Bank competition that could enable them to secure funds to build a mini-factory. Fellow Smooshie fans can take the steps above by Dec. 8 to help make this dream come true.Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_11Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery_12

Location and Contact Details:

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe
41, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Open 10am-10pm, except Mondays.
Tel: 03-5611-6553


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