Some interesting stuff at Yamamomo, a new outlet in Bandar Utama’s oft-forgotten Centrepoint.

Beautiful Presentation

Chilled charcoal soba with salmon sashimi rose and lightly seared butter fish (RM38 before taxes), a reinvigorating recipe to counter our much-too-hot weather.Yamamomo_2

Risky Fusion

A risky fusion of Japanese, Tex-Mex, Thai and Indian inspirations (!!!): Tuna sashimi with guacamole and spicy Sriracha sauce, piled on paratha flatbread (RM32). Does it work? Well, yeah.Yamamomo_3

Sea Urchin

Uni chawanmushi (RM20). Quite a fair bit of sea urchin for this reasonable price.Yamamomo_4

Tsubugai whelk

Marinated tsubugai whelk (RM15), the chewier Japanese version of escargots.Yamamomo_5


Yamamomo serves interesting rolls, but the results are hit-and-miss. The foie gras maki, with seared liver, mango, egg and fish roe (RM35), sounds like a smash, but its flavors clash awfully.Yamamomo_6

Stick to a safer route: Anago sea eel tempura roll topped with avocado (RM32). Yamamomo_7

Imported Grapes

Grapes of glory: the Kyoho variety, imported from Japan. Sweet and juicy, RM18 for six.Yamamomo_8

Sumomo Peach

Sumomo peach, RM22 per fruit. Expensive, but probably worth trying.Yamamomo_9

Peanut Butter Alert!

Don’t often see peanut butter in Japanese joints, especially not peanut butter ice cream. RM7 for each enjoyable scoop. Yamamomo_10


Sake is available, of course, as well as whiskey, but not wine.Yamamomo_11Yamamomo_12

Location and Contact Details:


F113, First Floor, Centrepoint, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7733-1220

Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Find Yamamomo’s directory listing here.

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