Weiner Hot Dogs at Da:Men Mall, USJ Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

Satisfyingly sloppy hot dogs, served in hefty portions that convey substance and weight, constructed with succulent, real-meat sausages, blanketed in richly flavourful, interesting toppings: Weiner ticks pretty much all the right boxes for a winning wiener.

1. Weiner Hot Dogs

12. Weiner Hot Dogs

Playful possibilities

Choose from playful possibilities like a pork hot dog bundled with mac and cheese, crab meat and dill (RM22) or with wasabi mayo, bonito flakes and seaweed (RM20), beef dog with whiskey-braised onions, pickles and maraschino cherries (RM22) or chicken dog with rogan josh curry, crispy onions and coriander yogurt (RM19).

2. Weiner Hot Dogs

4. Weiner Hot Dogs

5. Weiner Hot Dogs

6. Weiner Hot Dogs

The buns prove soft and fluffy, leaving scant cause for complaint, while the house-made sausages are very well-textured – the beef’s our fave, tipping tastily closer to fat than lean, followed by the pork, fresh and luscious. Each ensemble is complemented by an extravaganza of toppings, plus crushed tortilla chips and crackers, that spill across abundantly. Proportions feel fulfillingly near-perfect; no bite bears more bread than meat and toppings.

7. Weiner Hot Dogs

8. Weiner Hot Dogs

9. Weiner Hot Dogs

Weiner and family

Weiner, a relatively small and intimate space that aims to channel the bustling, colourful exuberance of an NYC diner, is actually part of Da:Men’s most intriguing family of restaurants, spearheaded by the people behind Singapore’s Sarnies cafe.

13. Weiner Hot Dogs

14. Weiner Hot Dogs

So far, they’ve unveiled Weiner as well as The Big Cheese (specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches) in this mall; by October, a joint for meatball enthusiasts called PMB (Pimp My Balls) is scheduled to launch here, alongside the very first Malaysian Sarnies.


Mercifully, Da:Men now has a venue for cocktails and stiff drinks: All day long, Weiner’s bar keeps rockin’ with temptations like an Espresso Martini (RM20), Saigon Sally (RM28; gin with pandan syrup, egg white and cream), Pimm’s Cup (RM24) and spiked milkshakes including Bourbon Fudge (RM22). Tip: Head here between 2pm-8pm for happy hour savings of up to 30 percent.

10. Weiner Hot Dogs

11. Weiner Hot Dogs

15. Weiner Hot Dogs

17. Weiner Hot Dogs

Location & Details

Weiner Malaysia

G-25, Ground Floor, Da:Men, USJ 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Mon-Sun, 10am-10pm.

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  1. Adrienne Lee June 29, 2016 Subscriber

    Yih Wei

  2. Fiona Lok June 19, 2016 Subscriber

    Overall dining experience at Weiner in Damen USJ is disappointing. We ordered 2 of their sausages meal and we find it tasteless, dry and the bun is hard. The fried potato is hard and tasteless too. And they served it in a kind of tin pan that keep moving around on the table because of the smooth surface of the table. Saving grace. The ice lemon tea is refreshing and the staff is polite.

  3. Jade Tong June 16, 2016 Subscriber

    Yap WooiYun

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