Checking out Subang’s new caffeine bar that is stirring up buzz in contrasting styles: Tryst, the Tarantino-infatuated, low-budget epitome of an edgier hipster’s hangout.

1 Tryst

Tryst feels free-spirited & funky, like something someone might stumble on behind Subang’s darkest alley.

2 Tryst


Tryst’s patrons love the pancakes, paired with choices like chili con carne (or have ’em with chocolate, bananas or peanut butter)

3 Tryst


… plus well-prepared, tangy-meaty spaghetti that clocks in at RM12, one of this neighbourhood’s most fairly priced plates.

4 Tryst


Come in, the coffee’s fine; the cold drip variety is the ideal antidote to the heat of the night.

5 Tryst

Final Thoughts

Note the notes: High praise from real customers.

7 Tryst

8 Tryst

All in all, Tryst is nice, welcoming set-up; its location is a little inconvenient due to constantly crowded street parking, but it’s worth a visit for people who live, study or work nearby.

9 Tryst

Location and Operating Hours


74, Jalan SS15/4C, Subang Jaya

Open 10-1am daily, except Tuesdays, when business begins 6pm

View Tryst’s directory page here.

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