Let’s give ’em something to squawk about: Fans of chicken wings can flock together at The Birdmen Co, a newly hatched Subang restaurant that rules the roost with its playful range. Chicken wings coated with chopped garlic & cheese? Count us in!



Start with a Six-piece Sampler

Start with a six-piece sampler (RM15), comprising Regular Fried, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Mustard, Smoky BBQ, Spicy Hot Sauce & Sweet-Sour Asian Sensation. These crispy-juicy wings are delicious, each served piping-hot with a punchy, finely tuned taste. Everyone will have a personal favourite, but we found something to appreciate about every flavour – a testament to The Birdmen Co’s initiative to showcase enjoyably distinctive recipes that leave the Colonel in the dust.



Tex-Mex Selection

There’s also a Tex-Mex selection to complement the wings – we like the indulgent baked potatoes loaded with cheese, cream & beef bacon (RM12 for three half-potatoes) & the ‘Two-Hands Burritos’ (RM15; named for its size, packed with a rich mix of buttermilk-brined chicken strips, lime rice, beans & guacamole). But it’s OK to skip the nachos drizzled with cheese dip (RM7).






Location and Contact Details

The Birdmen Co

113, Jalan SS 15/5A, Subang Jaya

Tel: +6012-447 0407

Open Tues-Sun, 5pm-11pm

Find: Contact details and map for The Birdmen Co

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