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Modi & Rosa at Glo Damansara: Restaurant review

The restaurant's own tagline is 'all about famiglia,' supplying a family-friendly setting for familiar, safe crowd-pleasers.

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Table & Apron at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

The name has changed, but this restaurant remains the standard-bearer for meals that evoke the essence of hearth and home

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Ngon Vietnamese Cuisine at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

Armed with a chef from Ho Chi Minh City, Ngon tackles Vietnamese street fare in its fundamental

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Ho Li Chow at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

Kitchen commandant Aunty Sue, whose family hails from Penang, keeps a steady watch over Ho Li Chow's Malaysian

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Farm To Plate at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

Farm To Plate specialises in a surprising pairing: Iberico de Bellota pork ribs and coffee

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The Tranquerah at Glo Damansara: Restaurant review

The restaurant maintains a legacy of Nyonya recipes handed down through generations of a Peranakan family from Malacca.

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Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

If you're seeking slurp-worthy satisfaction, with hand-made udon that stays steadfast to Japanese traditions, Ori-Ya seems determined to please.

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On Line Pub at Damansara Kim: Snapshot

This neighbourhood hangout has long dabbled in dietician-defying delights

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15 Thai restaurants to try in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Malaysia's northern neighbour has seen its cuisine skyrocket in global popularity in the last few years. So it would only be logical to see some great places to get tom yum, pad thai and the like here in Malaysia - they do share a lot of ingredients and a geographic border, after all.

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IDC Ice Dreams Cafe at Damansara Kim: Restaurant Review

Everyone's a kid again at this dessert parlour that relies on New Zealand's Kapiti ice cream to create impishly playful desserts.

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