As the seasons change, we return to Crazy Fish, where the one-of-a-kind seafood selection flown into Malaysia from South Korea for summer has evolved slowly but steadily since our springtime visits. Earlier entries on Crazy Fish: May 18 & May 20.

1 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Baby Octopus

Baby octopus remains a mainstay of Crazy Fish’s menu; besides the popular sannakji & pan mee preparations, it’s now also available in a light soup with veggies (RM40) that tastes pretty pleasant & wholesome in the manner of East Asian clear broths.

2 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Korean Crabs

Feeling crabby? Crustaceans from Korean waters can relate; not the fabulously fleshy sort, but no lack of juices in them.

3 Crazy Fish Aug 16


Frogfish, regarded by some as the ugliest fish in the ocean. At Crazy Fish, the much-maligned frogfish is chopped up & broiled in a gargantuan, spicy serving (RM80). The fish is meaty & tender, though it seems to have bones sticking out in weird places.

4 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Korean “Paella”

The remainder of the thick sauce from the frogfish platter is fried up with rice in a recipe that’s Korea’s close cousin to paella.

5 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Sea Squirts

Sea squirts? Creatures from Crazy Fish’s tanks, also known as ‘sea pineapples,’ another uncommon offering in KL.

6 Crazy Fish Aug 16


Some claim this stinks of ammonia, others say it reeks of iodine, with a pungent brininess to make some flee for oysters.

7 Crazy Fish Aug 16


Halibut’s reasonably enjoyable, with a pleasant chewiness & crunchiness in parts.

8 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Banchan Side Dishes

Request the banchan side dishes if necessary …

9 Crazy Fish Aug 16

… especially if they include Korean cockles (which taste kinda like mussels, maybe).

10 Crazy Fish Aug 16


11 Crazy Fish Aug 16

Location and Contact Details

Crazy Fish

9-G, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Daily for lunch & dinner (until 2 a.m.), except the first Monday of each month.

Tel: 03-6211-7313

View Crazy Fish’s directory page here.

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