Sum Hou Bak Kut Teh recently opened in Sri Hartamas to complement its original outlet in Kuchai Avenue.

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For Pork Lovers

Regular bak kut teh starts from RM12 for the smallest serving, which still proves substantial, while dry bak kut teh clocks in at RM15. Customers who choose the smallest serving can select two of the following options: Pork rib, soft rib bone, tail, tendon, belly, knuckle meat, intestine, stomach, liver or kidney. No surprises; fares well, but might not be the repeat-visit sort of BKT.

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For the Adventurous

Perhaps a little more distinctive: Stir-fried pork fallopian tubes (RM20) – springy, not rubbery – slathered with dried shrimp, pork lard & fiery chillies for a death-defyingly greasy late-night snack. We’d have happily finished this but it was way too spicy for us.

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Crowd-Pleasing Options

Yellow wine surfaces again, not for the chicken this time but for the egg (RM10) – probably not our favourite way to serve an egg, since we’re not fans of the wine’s inimitable flavour. Other potentially crowd-pleasing options at this friendly restaurant include bowls of pork meat balls (RM8), chicken feet with black mushrooms (RM10), vinegar pork leg (RM15), asam petai prawns (RM28), otak-otak Muar (RM15), clams in superior broth (RM20) & ginger steamed fish head (market price). Phew!

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Location and Contact Details:

Sum Hou Bak Kut Teh

7-G, Jalan 22A-70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 6211 0785

Open Daily, 12pm-3am

Find: Contact details and map for Sum Hou Bak Kut Teh here.

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