In the days of healthy yet hearty food being easily available for delivery in Malaysia, competition is tough and something a little unusual is required to stand out from the competition. And the folks at The Steam Room KL have done just that – with their range of healthy soups and snacks.


As the team puts it, “a good bowl of soup is soothing, healing, and delightful to your taste buds” – and it certainly made a nice change to have something warming yet healthy delivered to the office.

Double steamed soups

Served with plain rice, The Steam Room’s signature double steamed soups come with a fragrant nourishing chicken broth come in a variety of flavours:

ABC soup with carrot, tomato, potato, and onion; Watercress, made with chicken broth; Sweetcorn and pumpkin; white radish and carrot; old cucumber and red date; herbal chicken soup with yuk choy, dong guai, dong sum and wolfberry; and lotus root and peanut.



All the soups were lightly flavoured and fragrant – and you could tell from the delicate herbal smell that this was clearly a healthier option to what we often eat.

Sides and porridges

The braised chicken was, for us, the standout dish of the delivery, with a rich, aromatic broth of ginger and chilli and tender slow-cooked chicken.


The stir-fried egg was nicely seasoned and well-cooked and the steamed bean curd with chicken was silky and satisfying. For a healthiest of the healthy options, the steamed cabbage provides a nourishing yet low-calorie fix – perfect in the build-up to, or comedown after, Christmas!



They also serve a tasty chicken porridge with peanuts and vegetables, and an egg combo including century egg. Overall, as healthy food tends to be, the flavours were present but subtle.



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