Back to Shuraku after the lengthiest lapse. 

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The longevity of this izakaya in a neighborhood that’s been a graveyard for scores of other restaurants is a testament to Shuraku’s better-than-the-norm food, effective service team and beautifully considered setting. Perfect for dinners that stretch for hours.


A Favourite Watering Hole for Japanese Expats

Sake-swilling Japanese expats can be spotted here at their favorite watering hole, merrily munching on savory sustenance like squid sauteed in butter and spicy cod roe (RM22, pre-taxes).Shuraku_3

Evolving Menu

The menu has evolved through the years into a reliable selection of familiar ingredients that are spun into both steadfastly traditional and slyly inventive recipes. One of our favorites might be the salmon-topped omelets, warm and hearty soul food for rainy nights.Shuraku_4


Hotate ‘Pizza’ (RM16), creamy-rich scallops and straw mushrooms grilled on dumpling skin base.Shuraku_5

Seasonal Menu

As the seasons change in Japan, Shuraku strives to reflect what’s freshest and most beloved; the current autumnal menu, showcased through November’s end, comprises delicate concoctions like marinated salmon and eggplant (RM12) …


… and best-with-beer fare such as deep-fried mackerel with ginger and soy sauce (RM16).Shuraku_7

By Special Request Only

Wrapping up this meal with what legend says is a kimchi-laden, ocean-briny addiction of one of Shuraku’s show-runners. Shuraku_8

Gelato by Cielo Dolci

Japanese-influenced gelato by Cielo Dolci features at Shuraku, just as it does at sister restaurant Daikanyama. Black sesame’s the can’t-fail classic, but try the Japanese sweet potato gelato too.Shuraku_9


No shortage of liquor here, from regular sake to sparkling sake mixed with jelly.Shuraku_10

Non-booze masquerading as alcohol: Ryoma 1865 beer, surprisingly satisfying-tasting despite having a liquor content of zero


Lots of little touches make a big difference in Shuraku’s decor: Look for the bicycle that once was used by Japanese postmen, now a part of this KL restaurant’s furnishing. Life steers all of us in unexpected directions.


Location Details:


13-2, Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Open Tues-Sun for dinner

Find Shuraku’s directory listing here.

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