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Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, adjacent to Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers, Hotel Maya is a work of art that is beautifully designed with water-based themes, ensuring guests experience a resort-type environment without having to leave the city. A blend of class and fresh design, Hotel Maya is luxuriant while maintaining its local roots.

If a gastronomic journey is what you set out for then dining at Hotel Maya will definitely enhance your culinary senses. Still Waters provides a contemporary dining experience with a strong Japanese presence, known as “Sosaku” cuisine. Exotic Japanese cuisine is fused with European and Asian flavours in over 50 dishes features in this exciting and unique menu.The restaurant also features contemporary Cantonese inspired cuisine and each dish is meticulously prepared to offer a kaleidoscope of taste and textures.


As I entered the restaurant, I was immediately transported to a tranquil place with sounds of the indoor waterfall cascading. And the dimly lit restaurant certainly put me in an indulgent mood. It was seashells galore as Still Waters features its Sea Shells Promotion that runs from November to December. Deftly prepared by Chef Adriano Teng and his team, some of the finest dishes made two-ways (Japanese and Cantonese style) are available for your feasting pleasure.

The Cantonese set started off with the Healthy Seashell Broth (made with chicken broth with boiled top shell broth, seaweed and Beijing cabbage). And as the name hints it is definitely a healthy choice to start with. Then came the Mussels with Noodles – a dish that I quite enjoyed because the slow-cooked Eu Fun noodles with New Zealand black mussels was a delectable fusion of East and West. The Oyster Scallop Omelet is a pan-fried oyster omelette with chives and Hokkaido scallops and with every bite you can definitely taste the freshness of the scallops, while the oysters provided a burst of flavour. Rounding up the set was the evergreen Chinese dish of braised abalone with flower mushrooms.


Up next was the Japanese set, which was definitely a treat for the eyes and tastebuds. We started off with the Kai Miso Shiru – an assortment of sea shells in miso broth with wakame (edible brown seaweed, typically in dried form) and tofu, quickly followed by Gyoza, Japanese dumplings stuffed with Hokkaido scallops. Next on the selection was the cheesy baked Pacific oyster, grilled and baked with vegetables, cheese and yoghurt – delicious! In addition to the sets, we also had the opportunity of sampling the crunchy California Roll (sushi roll with crabmeat, prawn, asparagus, and avocado), where you could taste sweetness in every bite.

Still Waters is definitely a gem of a place for those wanting to enjoy a serene dining experience, sans the hustle and bustle that seems to be a daily affair these days. With a wait staff and a team of chefs who prepare and serve each meal with skill and finesse, Still Waters is definitely a treat not to be missed. By Vatsala Devi


First published January, 2014

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