Written by: Sharuna Segaren

Photos by: Kimmie Chai



A good, hearty meal does wondrous things to the body and mind. Your appetite is satisfied, you feel less ‘hangry’, and it keeps you going for hours. Comfort food like this can be found at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant that serves up authentic German cuisine using premium ingredients.

The menu at Brotzeit has been thoughtfully and passionately designed by Chef Helmut Murmann, Group Executive Chef. Hailing from the south of Germany, near the Bavarian border, his decades of experience and love of food is easily shown in the details and quality of the food.

We started our midday Brotzeit meal at the branch at Mid Valley Megamall with some of their lunch specials. For a reasonable price and great portion size, they have a variety of lunch sets that come with an add-on option for soup or salad. We began with a cup of rich and creamy pumpkin soup served with rustic bread and a fresh garden salad. We were then served the Daily Roasted Pork, which was a deliciously satisfying meal of tender, juicy slices of roasted pork with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, and gravy, followed by Chili Con Carne, made with ground pork instead of the usual ground beef. The Chili Con Carne was savoury and slightly spicy with a hint of cinnamon.



We also had the Gypsy Bacon Carbonara, which was a twist on the usual pasta dish. Brotzeit’s version is made with German handmade short egg pasta. The pasta was delightfully spongy, complemented by the perfectly salty bacon pieces and a flavourful cheesy sauce. Another great dish we enjoyed was the Foot-long Currywurst, which was (as expected) a foot-long juicy chicken Frankfurter covered in a chili curry sauce, served on a bed of crispy French fries. Chef Helmut explained that while boiled potatoes are usually the normal side dish in German cuisine, he includes more fries and mashed potatoes in the dishes here in Malaysia to suit the local preference.



Being an advocate of quality ingredients, Chef Helmut ensures the food at Brotzeit is of top standard. This is why Brotzeit makes their own pork patties for their burgers, so that he is aware of where the meat is coming from and is not made up of fillers. We found the patties to be fresh and juicy, with plenty of herbs and flavours coming through, which was also the case for the Bavarian meatballs.

For dessert, we had the KnusprigerSchokoladenspeck – hard to say but easy to eat – a unique combination of different textures and tastes. It was a dish of light, sweet white chocolate mousse with lemon pepper marinated strawberries, apricot sauce, and crispy chocolate bacon! We found that these distinctly different flavours combined perfectly together in this tangy, fresh dessert.




The ambiance at Brotzeit is relaxing and warm, with high ceilings and a comforting atmosphere. They also have an outdoor terrace suitable for a romantic dinner or evening Happy Hour with friends. Come to Brotzeit for a great place to fill your bellies with some comforting German eats, perhaps accompanied by a refreshing pint of German beer, of which there is a wide selection from the Paulaner family for you to choose from.

Location and Contact Details

Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

External Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

Tel: +603 2287 5516

Mon-Sun: 11am-late

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