Souring our love for Solaris Dutamas, this cheerful little shop is an Aladdin’s cave for pursuers of preserved food products.

1 Pick Your Pickles

Pickled Fruits

From guava to grapes, papayas to plums & mangoes. RM5 for 200 grams, RM12 for 500 grams, RM30 for 1.5 kilograms. Vividly colourful, potentially piquant & pungent.

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Dried Fruits

For something sweeter: Dried fruits that cost about RM12 per bottle, spanning the likes of kiwi fruit, cranberries & apricots.

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Other Pickled Food

It’s not all about fruits though. Also available: Garlic for RM7, olives for RM15.

4 Pick Your Pickles

Pick Your Pickles’ olives & garlic? Delicious.

9 Pick Your Pickles

Wine Dinner

We picked & packed some pickles up & paired them with a wine dinner graciously hosted by Prakash of Wine Daddy.

6 Pick Your Pickles

Prakash is blessed with the services of a gifted cook who whips up quite the spread. Their dried fruits proved enjoyable too; an addictive snack, absolutely. And of course, wine makes it all indisputably better.

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Location and Contact Details

Pick Your Pickles

A3-UG1-9, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 017-922-7472 (Call first to check on opening hours)

View Pick Your Pickles’ directory page here.

13 Pick Your Pickles

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