PappaRich ushers in a new era with PappaRich Dining: This one-of-a-kind venue launched this month in Bangsar South, bringing the PappaRich brand to the next level by showcasing an exclusive menu of communal-table recipes in a bright, polished setting.

1 PappaRich Dining

PappaRich Dining is distinctly different from the dozens of PappaRich modern-kopitiam outlets nationwide; it features not just a fresher look to charm the crowds (note the whiteness of the lampshade-filled interior, with more glass & fewer wood tones) but also a heartier selection that’s available only at this relatively upmarket location.

2 PappaRich Dining

Main Dishes

Sang Har Meen

PappaRich Dining’s star attractions span seafood to meat; try the ‘sang har meen’ (RM33.90 before taxes), stir-fried crispy egg noodles with a large freshwater prawn, spring onions & ginger, gorgeously & gloriously drenched in a luscious, egg-loaded gravy. A surprisingly competent rendition with fresh, fleshy crustacean meat, certainly capable of satisfying ‘sang har meen’ cravings.

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Curry Fish Head

We’re also unabashed admirers of PappaRich’s deliciously deluxe curry fish head, made with yellowtail (hamachi). Plenty of smooth, tender & flavoursome chunks of fish in this creamy, fragrant preparation, befitting the RM58.90 price tag.

5 PappaRich Dining 6 PappaRich Dining

Side Dishes

Minced Crab Meat

Seeking a lighter snack? There’s minced crab meat in a sweet-&-sour sauce with mint, served with Hainan toast. A piquant pleasure, with enough juicy crab meat to make each spoonful worth lapping up; the bread’s unmemorable though. RM15.90.

7 PappaRich Dining 8 PappaRich Dining

Shrimp Bites

Piping-hot shrimp bites, a bit on the oily side, but its crunchy-outside, succulent-within texture makes it well worthwhile.

9 PappaRich Dining

Lamb Cutlet Curry

Temptations for carnivores abound as well: Lamb cutlet curry (RM17.90), brimming with well-marinated meat & potatoes ..

10 PappaRich Dining

Ayam Masak Merah

… plus ayam masak merah (RM16.90), a whole chicken leg with addictive notes of sweet, savoury & tangy nuances …

11 PappaRich Dining

Braised Beef

… & braised beef (RM16.90), stewed to an ideal balance that supplies a nice initial bite & ultimately, a near-melting lushness.

12 PappaRich Dining


Veggies? The best bet’s the broccoli with whole, sumptuous shiitake mushrooms in oyster sauce (RM22.90).

13 PappaRich Dining


Chocolate Cake Sandwich

PappaRich Dining has gone bananas with its own unique desserts menu; this chocolate cake sandwich with a thick slice of the sweet yellow fruit in the middle, accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, makes for a commendable creation …

14 PappaRich Dining

Hainan French Toast

… but we’d skip the Hainan French Toast with Nutella & bananas; the flavours seem a bit skewed.

15 PappaRich Dining

Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten choc cake; sure, it’s not Valrhona, but the texture, taste & temperature all turn out to be entirely respectable.

16 PappaRich Dining

Bubur Cha Cha

Bubur Cha Cha; the beloved, ingredient-laden dessert that was spotlighted in May’s issue of Malaysia Airlines’ in-flight magazine receives its due at PappaRich Dining too.

17 PappaRich Dining


PappaRich now also carries its own line of instant coffee, constructed with part-Arabica blends (for both dine-in & takeaway). The White Coffee series is RM10 per box while the Kopi Series is RM8 per box.

18 PappaRich Dining

The result? Unexpectedly smooth-flavoured & aromatic; extremely easy to finish.

19 PappaRich Dining

Final Thoughts on PappaRich Dining

Many thanks to Bee Kong & the PappaRich team for hosting this dinner. Service at PappaRich Dining is very pleasant, with hardworking staff members that remain convincingly attentive & generous with smiles.

Note that besides the above, PappaRich Dining also serves many of the favourites that PappaRich has become known for, from nasi lemak to char kuey teow & assam laksa.

20 PappaRich Dining

Location and Operating Hours

PappaRich Dining

G5, Ground Floor, Nexus, Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur

Daily, 10am-10pm

View PappaRich’s directory page here.

21 PappaRich Dining

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