GRaB has a few interesting ideas, though this suburban burger outpost can’t completely be extolled as a champion of originality. Still, it’s probably worth checking out for enthusiasts in Petaling Jaya.

1 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Braised Beef Ribs Burgers

The big attraction here: Braised beef rib burgers, made distinctive with tender chunks of meat still on the bone. The flavoursome flesh falls off with ease; it’s a fun alternative to processed-patty burgers.

2 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Price-wise, it’s more reasonable than expected: A rib burger with a moreish Indonesian-style sambal sauce costs RM16 before taxes (add RM3 for hand-cut fries & a side salad).

3 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Lamb Bizkit

Also very hearty: “Lamb Bizkit” (RM16), with a lamb patty that’s perhaps overwhelmed by toppings of onion rings, a hash brown, cheddar cheese, sauteed mushrooms, gherkin pickles & minted mayo (phew!).

4 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Falafel Burger

For vegetarians: A falafel burger with garlic mayo sauce. The patty’s pretty dense, for better or worse.

5 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Bull Going Nuts

The remainder of the menu feels derivative; there’s a been-there, gobbled-that quality to something like this “Bull Going Nuts” …

6 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

… its beef patty (nondescript-tasting) partnered with peanut butter & jelly, beef bacon & onion rings.

7 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Egg Crush

The wait for “Egg Crush” (panko-fried chicken, portobello mushroom, sunny-side-up egg, caramelised onions & smoked BBQ sauce) can take more than 15 minutes even when the cafe is nearly empty. On the bright side, the ingredients taste respectably fresh. This one is overkill though; far too hefty to comfortably fit into the mouth.

8 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Vegetarian Burger

Parting shot: Another vegetarian burger, pairing portobello mushroom with hash brown.

9 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers


The fries? Well, it would be churlish to totally dismiss them, but they’re not unmissable.

10 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Final Thoughts

At this point, newcomers to the hipster-burger party really need to raise the bar & make their flavours stand out better.

Service is polite but somewhat sluggish here.

11 GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

Location and Operating Hours

GRaB Gourmet Ribs & Burgers

7 Jalan SS22/11 Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Lunch & dinner, except Mondays

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