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Folks who dare to walk deeper into Plaza Mont Kiara and scour the basement at the back of this complex will be rewarded with meals at a couple of no-frills, pork-loving Asian eateries: Thai specialist Bowl and Thai, alongside Korean outlet Lemon Terrace.

1. Bowl and Thai

First up, Bowl & Thai, which serves simple fare at satisfactory prices.

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Tender, meaty stewed pork with egg and rice (RM9). Soul food, comfort food.Bowl Thai Lemon Terrace_3

Kerabu sotong (RM7), piquant enough to please. Other offerings include mango salads, tom yum goong and pineapple fried rice.

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Location Details:
Bowl & Thai
Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Open 830am-6pm, except Sundays

Find Bowl & Thai’s directory listing here.

2. Lemon Terrace

Also possibly worth inspecting here: the Korean-run Lemon Terrace.Bowl Thai Lemon Terrace_5

Lemon Terrace’s interpretation of ‘manduguk’ (RM15), reasonably juicy pork dumplings in a savoury, steaming-hot broth.Bowl Thai Lemon Terrace_6

The serving comes with three ‘banchan’ side dishes. Lemon Terrace’s menu is fairly wide, ranging from ginseng chicken soup (RM22) to ‘sujebi’ hand-torn noodle broth (RM13).Bowl Thai Lemon Terrace_7Location Details:

Lemon Terrace
Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Open 830am-6pm, except Sundays

Find Lemon Terrace’s directory listing here.


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