Cafe-hoppers at Publika are spectacularly spoiled for choice these days, thanks to the recent opening of Ben’s latest branch …

1 Ben's

… as well as The Bee …

1 The Bee

… & The Red Beanbag, all overlooking the mall’s breezy, open-air square.

Earlier entry on The Red Beanbag: December 12.

1. The Red Beanbag


The Red Beanbag’s beef burger is one fine mess. This workman’s-sized wonder, spilling over with a kitchen-made patty, egg, beef bacon rashers, tomato relish & cheese, is as all-out juicy as it looks, accompanied by steaming-hot fries to stuff the stomach for about RM22.

2 The Red Beanbag

French Toast

Also by the Beanbag: one of the finest French toasts in town _ a fluffy, flavorful confection, buttercup-bright & beautifully browned, fancifully coated with almond flakes for a fun crunch & served with strawberries & maple syrup.

3 The Red Beanbag

Fruit Juice

Fruit mixes by Smooshie Juice at The Red Beanbag: 100 percent natural, bottled fresh daily. Pulpy blends of rambutans, apples, oranges, pineapples, mangoes & much more.

4 The Red Beanbag

Location Details of The Red Beanbag

The Red Beanbag at Solaris Dutamas,

Kuala Lumpur.

View The Red Beanbag’s directory page here.

5 The Red Beanbag

2. The Bee


At The Bee, the churros are better than expected, boasting a freshly fried crispness & comforting warmth that make them a pleasure to munch with the caramel-creamy dulce de leche.

2 The Bee

Ice Cream

Also available at The Bee: The Last Polka’s newest ice cream flavors _ Deep Dark Chocolate and Rum & Raisin. We love the latter, bursting defiantly with boozy raisins. It’s real rum, all right.

3 The Bee

Ice Cream Cakes

The Last Polka has also introduced ice cream cakes. The “Caramel Horlicks” is a treat that two can share, featuring an Oreo & oat base, layers of Horlicks ice cream & butter caramel, topped with chocolate ganache. Let it thaw a bit before digging in.

4 The Bee


Red wine & lemonade at The Bee, which might unleash its own cocktails soon too.

5 The Bee

Location Details of The Bee

The Bee at Publika.

Entry on The Bee at Jaya One: May 17, 2010.

View The Bee’s directory page here.

6 The Bee

3. Ben’s


Finally, beverages at Ben’s: Garden Elixir (gin, cucumber, elderflower syrup, rosemary sprig) & Berry Basil Lemonade (basil, lemon, raspberry puree, soda).

2 Ben's

Location Details of Ben’s

Ben’s at Publika. (Closed for renovations until 3rd of August 2014)

3 Ben's

4 Ben's

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