SS2 springs a surprise this month, welcoming upmarket Italian-Japanese restaurant A’Perfetto to a street where Chinese seafood & steamboat eateries have long held sway.


A’Perfetto isn’t your average pasta-&-pizza pedlar – there’s no sign of spaghetti carbonara or pepperoni pizzas; the menu crafted by a former chef of Damansara Heights’ Ploy attempts a less conservative approach, trying to tempt a contemporary breed of customers with bavette pasta topped with mentaiko & pizzas with scallops, mango cubes & cilantro.


Tortilla-Base Pizzas

The tortilla-base pizzas here emerge free of cheese & tomato sauce – instead, they come heaped with smoked duck breast, quail eggs, avocado paste & truffle oil (RM29). Or sliced salmon, lemongrass, sauteed mushrooms & spring onions (RM28). Or fried shrimp, pineapples, strawberries & Japanese mayo (RM28).


‘Dancing Eel’ Maki

The sushi roll selection could be crowd-pleasing – no complaints for the ‘Dancing Eel’ maki, featuring spicy crab meat, cucumber, unagi & avocado (RM30). Salads are available too, with potential highlights like a grilled chicken salad with Japanese sweet potatoes & raisins (RM12) or a soft-shell crab salad with pomelo, romaine lettuce & croutons (RM18).



Fried Rice

Rice isn’t an afterthought – there’s fried rice with mixed roe, Aussie wagyu beef, egg & crispy crab sticks (RM32; a bit mushier than expected) alongside Hokkaido scallop congee with truffle oil (RM22) & scallop risotto with shimeji mushrooms (RM35).



Wine Promotion

Here’s the compelling reason to head to A’Perfetto now: As part of its opening promotion (supposedly until December 31), customers will enjoy a free flow of Cabernet Sauvignon – for free! No catch – we simply ordered some food & had our glasses refilled with red wine as many times as we wanted. In the end we paid only for the food (no minimum order as far as we know).



Inventive Beverages

Inventive beverages are available too – the Dragon Egg mocktail comprises dragon fruit, milk & egg, while the Pandantini (RM19) features vodka, pandan syrup & cermai fruit.





Location and Contact Details

A’Perfetto @ Chow Yang

22 Jalan SS2/10, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open for lunch & dinner, except Thursdays.

Tel: 03 7865 5139

Find: Contact details and map for A’Perfetto here.

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