Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon at Damansara Kim: Restaurant review

This review is brought to you in part by Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon.

This suburban restaurant ranks among the Klang Valley’s recommended destinations for udon, promising a varied range of well-executed recipes created with noodles sourced from Malaysia’s udon virtuoso Seiji Fujimoto. If you’re seeking slurp-worthy satisfaction, with hand-made udon that stays steadfast to Japanese traditions, Ori-Ya seems determined to please.

1. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

2. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

Sanuki udon

Ori-Ya tackles predominantly the familiar Sanuki udon originally popularised in Kagawa Prefecture; for the ideal introduction, start with the soup-based interpretations that can prove either completely basic or slightly more elaborate.

3. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

4. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

You can have a simple udon soup, kitsune-style (with deep-fried tofu) or with wakame (edible seaweed) for RM6.50, or with accompaniments such as smoked salmon (RM19) or tempura mixed mushrooms (RM15); other options include chicken, beef, gyoza or smoked duck, priced from RM8 upwards (the fair prices explain why Ori-Ya is a neighbourhood favourite).

5. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

6. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

Firm noodles with a smooth bounce, promising a pleasant chew, submerged in a light, wholesome broth, rounded out with creamy-runny poached eggs.

Plenty of udon selections

To keep customers engaged, Ori-Ya offers plenty of preparations for its udon – you can order the noodles dry and chilled, slippery and savoury with a potent punch of mentaiko and mayonnaise (RM9), or blanketed in a comfort-food-thick, warming Japanese chicken curry (RM9), or even fried and crowned with a meaty pork katsu (RM15.90 in a set served with edamame and green tea).

7. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

8. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon


Rice enthusiasts aren’t left out – Ori-Ya also boasts a solid selection of donburi, comprising freshly steamed rice topped with protein-powered components like smoked duck (RM13) or tender beef (RM10) and veggies for a full, balanced meal in a bowl.

9. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

10. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon


Snacking on the side is encouraged: Check out the fun choices of crispy battered skewers, from prawns (RM3 each) to cheese-laced sausages (RM2.50) to quail eggs (RM2.50) to fish balls, eggplant, ladies’ fingers and more. All in all, this a cosy, friendly and likable eatery; many thanks to Ori-Ya for having us here.

11. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

12. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

13. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

14. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

15. Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon

Location and Details


17 Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, Petalling Jaya, Selangor.

Open Wed-Mon, 11am-4pm, 530pm-930pm.

Tel: +603-8933-8001

Find: View directory for Ori-Ya here

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  1. Emily Wong July 11, 2016 Subscriber

    Joo Ann Next udon hunt?

    • Joo Ann July 11, 2016 Subscriber

      Sure!! I just thought of this ramen place in One u. Have u tried? It is hidden.

    • Emily Wong July 11, 2016 Subscriber

      Well if it’s hidden im pretty sure I’ve not tried. Need some secret password? Adding these to our potential list of food hunts then ?

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