In our quest to understand more about Damansara Heights’ F&B scene, we stopped a few friendly faces to ask them what they thought. Most of the interviewees work in the area, so you can be sure  they know their stuff. As a whole,  Damansara Heights was rated pretty decently, although there were a few  complaints here and there. Read on to see what these Damansara Heights folks think of the place!

Elaine was the first friendly face we met. She commented that the variety of food in the area is adequate, though they might not be the healthiest choices. With a plethora of roadside stalls selling delicious  but sinful  treats, it’s easy to see why. The stretch of Damansara Heights that runs along Help College, Wisma UOA, and HP Tower, all the way up to Wisma Tune  is home to a good number of food trucks and stalls during lunch time on weekdays. It’s easy to find snacks like pisang  goreng, Ramly burgers, lekor, cakes, and a variety of local crackers.

It is normal for the students and workers in the area to be seen queueing up daily for the more popular places. For instance, there is a crowd favourite nasi kukus or steamed rice food truck near the roundabout, and a nasi kunyit ayam further down the road. Tatt however, prefers to get his nasi kunyit ayam from the stall right opposite Wisma UOA. “It’s got a better crunch to it. Plus I wouldn’t need  to line up for 20 minutes like at the other one.”

Another popular go-to is the butter chicken truck that also sells good meatballs, according to Mindy. Although the food choices are somewhat limited, she has a few go-to spots to visit. “One of our colleagues tried  the stall that sells instant noodles, and it was quite  a hit in the  office.” Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, cheapest, and fastest, hey?

Zak likes the area because of the vibe and location. “It’s kinda near the city but you don’t get that busy city vibe, yet it’s not exactly a suburb. It’s a good balance, I guess.” As for May and Olivia, they agreed that there’s enough variety in the area to avoid eating the  same food two days in a row. “There’s some good choices depending on your budget and preference. Usually the office workers pack their food but there are also cafes to chill at if you have the time,” they chimed.


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