OMB Noodle Bar at Cheras Selatan 118: Restaurant review

Noodles all day, everyday: OMB (One More Bowl) is an interesting destination for fans of soupy goodness, offering a new concept that enables patrons to enjoy two different bowls of noodles for the price of one.

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2. OMB Noodle Bar-min

East meets West

The diverse selection is made for slurping – choose from Italian spaghetti, Korean ramen, Japanese udon, Chinese egg noodles and more, combined with choices of broth that are intended to evoke Malaysian home cooking, including pork bone soup with abalone, pepper soup with pork belly, seafood in curry, and many others.

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Two for one

Customers can order two basic bowls comprising two different flavours for RM12.90 or RM17.90, depending on the ingredients; there are also options for two premium bowls of two flavours featuring abalone and other ingredients for a total of RM29.90. Flavours are mellow. clean and clear; if you’re extra-hungry, it’s worth adding on a piece of crunchy-fried chicken, chunky, tender and well-seasoned (RM5.50).

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Location & Details

Address: 11-G, Jalan Tengah, Cheras Selatan 118, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Daily, 9am-9pm.
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