Cracking open this week, this shining-shimmering cafe’s a splendid sight for sore eyes, a dazzling place that Bangsar’s brunch-hunters can now come to know.

Brothers-in-Law Team-up

Nutmeg’s something of a family enterprise, comprising two brothers-in-law for its shooting stars; Gordon welcomes customers and watches over the service crew, while William minds the menu and mans the kitchen. There’s more to the team, but these were the two men we met.

Nutmeg’s fare feels touched by homemade, honest virtues, likely since William has spent more time cooking for his family and friends than for restaurants. Nutmeg_2

An Egg-splosive Menu

The ideal introduction to Nutmeg is its egg-explosive, early-bird selection, offered through the afternoon. Taking us wonder by wonder, we start with this simple but satisfying fried egg, the magic carpet over a mound of sauteed potatoes, salt beef hash and red peppers (RM16+).Nutmeg_3

The Famous ‘Croissant-wich’

Don’t resist the ‘croissant-wich’ (RM26+), spilling over with house-cured salmon and the creamiest scrambled eggs. Nutmeg_4

Spinach Frittata

Hold your breath, it gets better: Spinach frittata (RM18+) stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, onions and a stinky-special surprise unmentioned on the menu: blue cheese. Nutmeg_5

Salt Beef

Nutmeg might be a no-pork eatery, leaving its Eggs Benedict (RM26+) bereft of bacon, but instead of banking on typical substitutes, Nutmeg’s kitchen genies conjure thick, tender slices of salt beef, marinated with what might be nutmeg mace (or were we only dreaming?).Nutmeg_6


Three-egg omelet, tinged over, sideways and under with truffle-scented mushrooms (RM15+). Nutmeg_7

Baked Eggs

Baked eggs with tomato compote and brioche (RM18+). With no one to tell us no, this meal might pursue new horizons of cholesterol. We’ll chase our albumin anywhere.Nutmeg_8

Bagel and Lox

Bagel and Lox (RM21), Nutmeg’s own-baked toasted bread with briny-slick salmon, cream cheese, capers and onions (plus a request of scrambled eggs on the side).Nutmeg_9


With time to spare, we at last let our desserts-desirous hearts decide: Warm chocolate pudding (RM13+) with hazelnut praline and vanilla ice cream.Nutmeg_10


Sufficient coffee to send us soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless caffeinated high.Nutmeg_11


Red-letter moments come courtesy of red wine. The liquor list’s not long here, but that’s OK.Nutmeg_12

Not exactly a crystal-clear concept, but it’s worth noting that Nutmeg’s constructed to evoke spaces in a home, with its own ‘front porch,’ ‘living room’ and ‘back terrace.’ Nutmeg_13

Let Nutmeg show us a whole new world of local artwork (for sale on the cafe’s walls), currently featuring a fantastic feathered point of view. Strictly for the birds, in a sense. Nutmeg_14

Oh, this Aladdin’s cave of tasty treasures serves dinner too, from princess-portioned small plates of mussels to main courses of poached salmon, lamb lasagna and spaghetti napolitan. Nutmeg_15Nutmeg_16

Location and Contact Details:

Nutmeg Cafe,

UGF-28A, Bangsar Village II, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Beside Haagen-Dazs, below Botanical. Generally open during mall hours.

Tel: 03-2201-3663

Find Nutmeg’s directory listing here.

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