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Spicing up Sri Hartamas and shaking up this suburb’s staid safeness, Nepal Himalayan Cuisine surfaced recently in Plaza Damas, serving food from a South Asian nation that’s hitherto only been available in KL’s relatively less upscale settings.

A Comprehensive Menu

Nepal’s menu might not be comprehensive, but it nails many mainstays, including chataamari (RM12) rice batter crepes topped with egg, minced chicken, tomatoes and spring onions. Moreish, like a sinful cross between Spanish omelets, pizza and paratha.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_2

Chinese and Indian influences

Naturally, there’s momo here (RM12), steamed meat dumplings that evince both Chinese and Indian influences, looking a lot like xiaolongbao, stuffed with richly seasoned cilantro chicken.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_3

Perfect for Mindless Munching

Bhuteko bhatmas (RM9), crispy-fried soybeans that taste like bar-snack peanuts, not befitting the calories except maybe when munched mindlessly with beer.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_4

A Dish for Carb-lovers

Carb-lovers might revel in the aloo silam (RM12), boiled potatoes, peas and onions marinated with perilla seeds; a little of this probably goes a long way.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_5

Tibetan-Style Noodles

Thukpa (RM9), Tibetan-style noodles in soup soaked with chili powder and masalas. Suitable for cold nights; much, much more fiery than this might look.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_6

Traditional Thakali Thali Sets

The centerpiece of Restaurant Nepal’s menu is likely its traditional Thakali Thali sets, rice surrounded by lamb curry, black bean dal, veggies and chutneys on brass plates. At RM17, it’s this outlet’s priciest food item, underscoring how a meal here won’t wound the wallet. Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_7

Hot Beverages and Desserts

Hot lemon tea and masala milk, perhaps best paired with desserts of one-word names like kheer, sewai and sudip. Plus point for this place: Parking’s a breeze here at Hartamas Shopping Center.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_8'


Nepal serves its own take on the sangria (RM40 per jug), made fizzier with orange juice.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_9


Wine is offered too at RM20 by the glass and RM98 a bottle. All prices before taxes.Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_10Nepal Himalayan Cuisine_11

Location Details:

Restaurant Nepal Himalayan Cuisine,

F-0-6, Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Opposite TGI Friday’s, on top of Hartamas Shopping Center.

Open daily starting lunchtime; last orders at 930pm

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