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Malaysia’s Cabinet of Caffeine welcomes another new portfolio, electing Ministry of Coffee to govern with grace in Solaris Mont Kiara. Owned by Penang boys Michael and Mark, this two-level cafe could help revive the once-thriving complex of SohoKL; it’s comfortably cavernous, with a distinctive-looking decor and an obliging service team.Ministry of Coffee_2



Business begins 9am daily with a brunch menu that runs through 3pm, featuring an embarrassment of organic eggs, partnered with organic baby spinach, melted cheese and toasted focaccia (RM18.80 nett) …Ministry of Coffee_3


… or with tortillas wrapped around barbecued organic chicken (RM21.80) … Ministry of Coffee_4


… and with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce in English muffins (RM22.80). The kitchen insists on free-range poultry and lower-pesticide veggies in an effort to make these meals more wholesome than the norm. Ministry of Coffee_5


Eggs emerge even in the Sunny Fish Burger (RM21.80), sandwiched in ciabatta bread with grilled barramundi, sauteed mushrooms and arugula. Ministry of Coffee_6


Cream of roasted potato soup with quail eggs (RM16.80). Several of these recipes could do with fine-tuning (runnier yolks for the eggs), but they’re OK overall.Ministry of Coffee_7


Quite like the sandwiches (available starting 3pm), particularly this one with avocados, house-made hash, roasted vegetables, mesclun mix, tomatoes and cheddar cheese in wholemeal bread.Ministry of Coffee_8

Peanut butter alert! Banana sandwich with beef bacon and peanut butter (RM14.80). Ministry of Coffee_9


Beetroot pancakes with maple syrup (RM14.80), another fun entry on the wide-ranging menu.Ministry of Coffee_10

House-made Yogurt

More bananas, this time with house-made yogurt and walnuts (RM8.80).Ministry of Coffee_11

Serious about Coffee

The coffee? They have the equipment and the expertise to take it seriously here.Ministry of Coffee_12

Ministry of Coffee depends on Doi Chaang single-estate organic Arabica coffee, shade-grown, hand-picked and sun-dried, with profits shared fairly with thousands of indigenous Akha farmers in mountainous, ecologically sustainable Thai plantations.Ministry of Coffee_13

All in all, a place with potential, one to watch in the months ahead.  Ministry of Coffee_14Ministry of Coffee_15

Location and Contact Details:

Ministry of Coffee Soho KL

J-G-09, Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

At the back of the block on the street level, behind the main road

Daily, 9am-11pm. Tel: 03-6211-5531

Find Ministry of Coffee’s directory listing here.