Originally from Penang, the Khoo family brings its cooking to this casual new restaurant with a Nyonya influence – nasi lemak comes complete with fried chicken or ayam masak merah for a hearty lunch with satisfactory flavours (RM10 for a set with teh or kopi tarik), while assam laksa is endowed with a pleasantly mellow tang (RM5), complemented by chicken lobak that’s both juicy and tasty (RM10), plus capably executed jiu hu char (RM10) and sambal sotong petai (RM5). Wrap up your meal with classic bubur cha cha (RM3.50). Familiar local comfort food for Damansara Uptown’s workers, served with warmth that evokes home.

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Location & Details

Address: 27M, First Floor, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 11am-9pm.
Tel: +6016-279-7909
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  1. Samantha Surin June 2, 2017 Subscriber

    Kabir Ariff Sultan

  2. Airin Razak May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Allie Yee

  3. David Ong-Yeoh May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    There is no lobak without the “lor”

  4. Samantha Surin May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    EatDrink can you please include in your articles if a place serves pork / doesnt serve pork / halal? i think a majority of your readers would really appreciate this indication as we wont have to guess or do further research.. thanks 🙂

    • EatDrink June 1, 2017 Subscriber

      Hi Samantha, we do add a tag at the bottom of each review to indicate if the restaurant serves pork or not 🙂 This one is pork free, but not certified halal as far as we know.

    • Samantha Surin June 1, 2017 Subscriber

      thanks for the reply 🙂 i think the tags are not visible on mobile? cause i scrolled to the bottom and it’s the restaurant details followed by the listing for other articles.. thanks for letting me know about the restaurant status 🙂

    • EatDrink June 2, 2017 Subscriber

      Oh! Thanks for point that out! We’ll look into fixing it. And no problemo 🙂

    • Samantha Surin June 2, 2017 Subscriber

      thank you ????

  5. Elaine Tse May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Jane Cho lai

  6. Chrismine Chua May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Sojourner Chua

  7. Edward Chang May 31, 2017 Subscriber


  8. Karen Khoo May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Patrick Ec Yap, Khoo cooks wo…

  9. Kasturi Avalee May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Yes pls

  10. Simi Riar May 31, 2017 Subscriber

    Kasturi Avalee brunch soon?

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