Ice cream lovers won’t be left out in the cold in Mid Valley, thanks to new ice cream parlours that began heating up the mall this week; exploring Malaysia’s first Magnum cafe, already a major magnet for crowds near GSC’s Mid Valley multiplex.


Malaysia’s First Magnum Cafe

The lines are long outside the cafe, but no fear; it’ll probably take only between 15 to 30 minutes to inch toward the counter. The hours-long wait only occurred on the first day, when folks were baited with free ice cream. It’s more manageable now.


Takeaway or Sit-Down Space

Magnum has two floors – the cinema-level space is for takeaway orders, but upstairs, patrons can also opt for sit-down meals.


Make Your Own Magnum

The hook: Make Your Own Magnum. Choose an ice cream base (vanilla or chocolate), coated with milk, white or dark choc, then customise it further with a plethora of intriguing toppings. A novelty that has worked for Magnum in many cities worldwide.


Endless Combos

RM9.90 for a basic serving. Potato crisps with pretzel pieces? Goji berries plus culinary rose petals? Sea salt & chilli flakes? Blackcurrant pastilles & dried mango? Chopped pistachios, crushed Oreos & marshmallows? Seemingly endless combos.


All in all, no surprises – as indulgent as expected, certainly crowd-pleasing. Nothing overly bold or punchy, flavour-wise.


Magnum Hot Chocolate and Affogato

Magnum hot chocolate & Magnum affogato (RM14) also have their virtues, expertly crafted for a pleasurable polish.


Dine-In Fare

The Magnum dine-in section also offers a savoury selection that sounds tantalising on paper, but this brick-pressed & pan-fried Cornish chicken fell short, suffering from a frozen-meat feel. Save RM28 & skip this one.


Battered corn-on-the-cob slices with aged parmesan & chilli salt (RM15), a bit too bland to really recommend.


Almond-crusted fries (also not quite right in texture & lacking in taste), utterly mismatched with a Magnum chocolate dipping sauce (RM15). Based on these three savoury recipes, it might seem safer to stick solely to Magnum’s satisfying desserts.


Location and Contact Details

Magnum Ice Cream Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Open Daily, 10am-10pm

Find: Magnum Ice Cream Cafe Kuala Lumpur directory page here

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