From Penang, Line Clear has long been one of the northern island’s most popular haunts for nasi kandar, its heritage reaching back to before World War II. Its legacy now extends to KL with a new branch in Kampung Baru – an instant hit, with scores of patrons patiently queuing for half an hour during peak periods.

1. Nasi Kandar Line Clear 2. Nasi Kandar Line Clear 3.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear

We reached the end of the efficiently manned line & had a plate of steamed white rice heaped with fish roe (irreproachable), squid roe (soft but mercifully not mushy), fried chicken (the breast meat was relatively bland) & a large prawn (fresh, firm & fleshy), flooded with a jumble of spicy-savoury gravies for RM29.

4.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 5.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 6.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear

The curries could be more robust, but this feels familiar enough to merit honourable comparisons to nasi kandar on a Penang alley.

7.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 8.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 9.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 10.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear 11.  Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Location & Details

Line Clear Nasi Kandar Restaurant KL

113 Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Kampung Baru’s Plaza Rah (Public Bank).

Business hours in flux, but nasi kandar should be available 11am-midnight daily

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  1. Daniel Chu February 12, 2016 Subscriber

    Bernard Chu Alison Kui

  2. Dw Desmond February 12, 2016 Subscriber

    Eat Drink Kuala Lumpur….u are outdated. They are here couple of mths de haha. I hv been to their outlet 5 times de

  3. Farhan Fauzi February 12, 2016 Subscriber

    Tq bro Raja Shaharil Nasir

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    Hahaha, jom2..

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    Iskandar Jailani belanja

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    Ahmad Mustaqim Muhammad Zakwan

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