The sequel is as strong and satisfying as the original: Kompassion’s second outpost is a serene suburban space suffused with charm and character – chef Nikom ‘Kom’ Uatthong has not only authored a fresh repertoire marked by a playful remodelling of Thai fare, he’s also drawn up the distinctive decor for this boundary-pushing restaurant, stowed away on a TTDI backstreet.

1. Kompassion II 2. Kompassion II 3. Kompassion II 4. Kompassion II


Start with the pucuk paku salad (RM20) – beautifully tender vegetables, blanched instead of fried, served with slices of young coconut, kerisik and plenty of herbs and other accompaniments, a pleasurably nuanced, painstakingly elaborate recipe that succeeds on every score.

5. Kompassion II - pucuk paku salad

Note that unlike the first Kompassion in Damansara Kim, Kompassion II is a no-pork outlet, catering to this neighbourhood’s dominant clientele. But the loss of the hog isn’t an issue, since there’s still so much to sample on the menu; faced with a chicken-or-egg dilemma, it’s fair to order both – tandoori-style, lemongrass-laced chicken satay (RM17.90) and a thick omelette tinged with oysters (RM30).

6. Kompassion II - tandoori lemongrass chicken satay 7. Kompassion II - omelette with oysters


Kompassion’s Thai curries go beyond the norm; our absolute favourite is the lobster and avocado green curry (RM50) – a heap of fresh-tasting crustacean flesh, coupled with lots of soft, ripe avocado and various vegetables in a curry that’s creamy and not too fiery, enabling the flavours of the lobster and avocado to take centre stage.

8. Kompassion II - lobster and avocado green curry 9. Kompassion II - lobster and avocado green curry

Mix everything up, and the textures are totally gorgeous – a dish we’d happily have again and again. Caveat: Some of these recipes may take extra time to prepare; patience is a virtue.

10. Kompassion II - lobster and avocado green curry

The lamb shank hang laey curry is ideal for customers who like rich and robust concoctions – double-cooked, fall-off-the-bone meat in a savoury northern Thai curry, teamed up again with avocado cubes (yay!) and lychee (RM50).

11. Kompassion II - Lamb shank hang laey 12. Kompassion II - lamb shank hang laey

For red meat devotees, there’s also a succulent grilled beef panang curry, terrifically layered and balanced with dragonfruit and other tropical fruits (RM50). Enjoy with Kompassion’s marvellous mixed sticky rice, a repudiation of run-of-the-mill steamed white rice.

13. Kompassion II - beef panang curry 14. Kompassion II - beef panang curry 15. Kompassion II - mixed sticky rice

Nasi campur

If you’d like a complete meal on a single plate, Kompassion II’s nasi campur special is a triumph – a fulfilling compilation of rice with assorted curries, tom yam, an egg, fried fare and veggies for only RM18.90. Two light eaters could share this this for lunch.

16. Kompassion II - nasi campur special 17. Kompassion II - nasi campur special 18. Kompassion II - nasi campur special

Desserts and drinks

Desserts and drinks also display shots of extra imagination – mango sticky rice with pandan gelato, red rubies and jackfruit with coconut gelato and cheesecake with coconut, and cendol (RM10 each)

19. Kompassion II - mango sticky rice with pandan gelato 20. Kompassion II - red rubies with jackfruit and coconut gelato & cheesecake with coconut and cendol


washed down with slow-juiced green mango and passionfruit (RM15; tangy!), lemongrass pandan sparkling (RM10; a nice one if you want something wholesome), a coconut smoothie (RM15; love the topping of attap chee), mango yoghurt smoothie (RM15) and blue flower sparkling (RM10).

21. Kompassion II - lemongrass pandan sparkling & green mango with passionfruit 22. Kompassion II - lemongrass pandan sparkling & coconut smoothie 23. Kompassion II - mango yogut smoothie & blue flower sparkling

All in all, this second venue staunchly reinforces Kompassion as one of our favourite Thai fusion brands; thanks to the team here for having us.

24. Kompassion II

Location & Details

Kompassion II TTDI

15, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Tues-Sun, 1130am-230pm; 6pm-1030pm.

Tel: 03-7731-7016

Find: View Kompassion II’s directory here

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