Bird-watchers can consider fluttering over to Kakatoo, a parrot’s paradise of a restaurant with a colourfully feathered setting at Bandar Sri Damansara’s Ativo Plaza.

1 Kakatoo


Creatively conceived crepes might make some customers coo here: We rather like the signature one (RM16+), well-stuffed with a fried egg, chicken ham & mushrooms.

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No-fuss comfort food; adventurous diners can also order a Malaysian-influenced crepe that’s filled with a fish fillet, mango kerabu & Nyonya gravy. Maybe we’ll try that one next time.

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Kakatoo’s owner freely acknowledges that the idea for this charcoal-coloured Moo Moo Crepe (RM20.90+) stuffed with a beef patty, cheese, pickles & aioli dressing comes from MyBurgerLab’s signature burgers.

4 Kakatoo

Naturally, sweet crepes are on the menu too. No regrets gobbling up this sugar-packed one, elegantly plated & generously laden with apple compote, oatmeal crumble, salted caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream. RM14+. Cool prices here.

5 Kakatoo

The Rest of the Menu

The rest of the menu is somewhat something-for-everyone: smoked salmon fettuccine & lamb shanks for fans of Western fare, alongside cencaru fish with stuffed sambal, curry fish head & otak-otak for local cuisine lovers.

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Surprise! Wine’s available; the red turns out to be a sweet Lambrusco (RM80+).

7 Kakatoo

Final Thoughts

What we like about Kakatoo is that it’s confident enough to be transparent about its inspirations.

9 Kakatoo

Ativo Plaza’s kinda nice, a family-friendly complex with outdoor playgrounds, fountains & plenty of space for strolling.

8 Kakatoo

Location and Operating Hours


Block B, Ativo Plaza, Jalan PJU 9/1, Damansara Avenue, Bandar Sri Damansara

Daily, 1130am-10pm

View Kakatoo’s directory page here.

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