Distinctive Korean desserts step up their march into Malaysia, from Seoul to Sunway Pyramid – Jipangi this week introduces soft-serve ice cream in J-shaped puffed corn canes, a conspicuous attraction that hails from Insadong in South Korea’s capital.


J-Shaped Puffed Corn Canes

Prepare to be the subject of stares if you walk through the mall while munching on this. Each cane – which can be snapped into two & shared – is stuffed with a choice of vanilla or chocolate (RM7). Or have both flavours, one on each end, for RM9.


A Fun Snack

The ice cream is your basic soft-serve, no surprises there. The cane is crunchy & much thicker than your average ice cream cone, ensuring the soft-serve won’t easily melt through & make a mess. All in all, a fun snack & an enjoyable-enough novelty.



Cold Brews

Bottled cold brews – Americanos, lattes & more – are available too, for a convenient thirst-quencher.



Location and Contact Details


LG2.75A (near Aeon), Sunway Pyramid, Selangor

Find: Contact details and map for Jipangi here.

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