Everyone’s a kid again at this dessert parlour that relies on New Zealand’s Kapiti ice cream to create impishly playful desserts.


IDC – Ice Dreams Cafe or Ice Cream, Desserts & Coffee – is founded by good friends Darren & C.K., whose understanding of ice cream is intimate & indisputable. Darren’s father has been involved in ice cream distribution for more than three decades; their family’s company has cultivated close ties with New Zealand’s Fonterra dairy colossus, bringing in both Kapiti & Tip Top ice cream to Malaysia. The Kapiti brand is emblazoned everywhere here at IDC, which describes itself as ‘inspired by Kapiti.’






A Range of Affogatos with a Twist

Meet the Klang Valley’s next hot-weather hit: IDC is set to offer a range of ‘affogatos’ with a twist – instead of coffee, the ice cream is topped with a shot of something else. Right now, our chief recommendation is the combination of vanilla ice cream laced with sea salt flakes, poured over with extra virgin olive oil (RM12). Perfect for the dog days of August – well-refined, salty-sweet dynamics with well-defined, slippery-smooth dimensions; a bracingly fun way to enjoy ice cream. In the weeks ahead, more ‘affogato’ varieties will be introduced – spicy ganache, orange zest, butterscotch & Earl Grey lavender.




Plated Ice Cream Desserts

Plated ice cream desserts galore – crepes with spiced cinnamon crumbs (RM15, all prices include a scoop of ice cream), lavender & cranberry-infused Welsh cakes with drizzled honey & peppercorn sprinkles (RM15; a dense cross between cookies & scones), warm, crunchy-chewy peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches (RM12), waffles with maple crunch (RM16) & funnel cakes with dark chocolate ganache (RM15; to be available later this month). You can choose an ice cream flavour for each dessert (or trust the friendly IDC team’s pairing proposals): Black Doris Plum & Creme Fraiche? Spicy Apple Crumble? Lemongrass & Ginger? Fig & Honey? Anzac Coconut Cookies? Vintage Strawberry & Cream? Gahhh – too many temptations!





What to drink here? Sorbet sodas, naturally – raspberry floats or cool-for-the-summer elderflower with a biting lemon sorbet clock in at RM13 each. Of course, you can pop in to enjoy the excellent Kapiti ice cream entirely on its own (RM8 for one scoop, RM12 for two, RM16 for three, RM28 for a six-scoop sampler) – expect to hear plenty about IDC in the months ahead.









Location and Contact Details

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe

30, Jalan SS 20/10, Damansara Kim

Tues-Thurs, 12pm-10pm; Fri-Sat, 12pm-11pm; Sun, 12pm-10pm

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