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1 Hanare Feb 6


The sashimi platter is worthwhile, with fish flown in thrice weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from Tsukiji Market. Hanare’s selection _ including succulent scallops & tuna belly _ is mercifully free of salmon (which we enjoy, but it often feels like a creatively bankrupt option).

2 Hanare Feb 6

Uni Kurage

Uni kurage (marinated sea urchin & jellyfish). Squishy stuff, with a briny oceanic aftertaste that lingers on the palate (no fear, strong booze can cleanse it with ease).

3 Hanare Feb 6


Heshiko (marinated mackerel). Super-salty; might actually work well as a bar snack. Addictive, as long as you’re into preserved seafood recipes.

4 Hanare Feb 6

Dashimaki Tamago

Dashimaki tamago (omelet with fish broth). Comfortingly warm and lusciously soft. Beware though, prices here can be steep; this item cost 30 ringgit.

5 Hanare Feb 6


Frontera Sauvignon Blanc (Chile).

6 Hanare Feb 6

Final Thoughts

Hanare also offers champagne lunches on Sundays for about RM300 per person. But the brief two-hour span allocated (12-2pm) might seem too rushed for a relaxing weekend meal.

7 Hanare Feb 6

Location and Contact Details

Hanare Japanese Restaurant,

Ground Floor, The Intermark,

Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2164-2133/ 2164-2633

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