Spicing up The Curve’s sedate F&B scene, Goodsaltz has the potential to make a great splash; its menu is cooler than most, its service team seems more than friendly & hard-working, while its setting feels as inviting as imaginable for a mall restaurant.


Alfresco Seating is Available

Alfresco seating is available amid a leafy courtyard, but scorching weather spurred us into Goodsaltz’s air-conditioned interior, where the decor is described as a mix of ‘old family pieces, garage sale collectibles & found objects recycled with a purpose.’ There’s a pleasant vibe, evocative in parts of places like The Apartment or Acme Bar & Coffee.


Comfort Food with Contemporary Twists

Goodsaltz is meant to be about comfort food with contemporary twists. Right now, there are both hits & misses here; the kitchen might need to tweak some of its recipes for a more memorable effect. On paper, the tuna salad with jicama, orange, barley & green tea-infused French dressing (RM16 before taxes) sounds like a deliciously nuanced ensemble. On the plate, it tastes serviceable but seems to lack sufficient sparks of imagination.


Baked Salmon

We love this one though: Baked salmon with Kapitan curry spices, coconut cream, cabbage kerabu & pineapple rice (RM29). The fish is fabulous – fresh & flaky-moist, very lightly cooked so it retains a delicate purity of flavour & texture, complemented by a thick, savoury sauce that miraculously complements instead of overpowering the flesh.


Pie Stuffed with Layers of Scrambled Eggs and More

From the all-day-breakfast selection, this pie could be the stand-out, stuffed with layers of scrambled eggs, chicken ham, grilled peppers, sauteed spinach & cheddar cheese baked in pastry (RM20). Again though, there’s not quite enough zest in this one to elevate it into something vivid that’ll propel word of mouth.


Spaghetti Fried with Masala Spices, Chicken & Tomatoes

Potentially crowd-pleasing: Spaghetti fried with masala spices, chicken & tomatoes (RM24). Creamy & reasonably hearty for the price, with a well-executed bite to the pasta & more dimensions of flavour compared to some of other Goodsaltz’s recipes. Wondering what’s up with the restaurant’s name? Well, it can be taken literally; the outlet uses a good salt (Himalayan, that is).



Maybe we ordered the wrong desserts, but the balance of flavours for the Red Velvet pancakes with cream cheese & peach compote (RM16) was too skewed & cloying to make this enjoyable …


… while key components of the Nutella-filled French toast (RM16) with macerated strawberries & grapes tasted too processed & artificial, particularly the doughy-stodgy bread. These two need an overhaul, not just fine-tuning.



Coffee (black, with milk on the side) currently comes complimentary with a breakfast dish order (could be an opening promo).


House Wines by the Glass

House wines by the glass (RM16.90) include Gossip Chardonnay, Cab Sav & Shiraz, plus Rumors Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.


Cocktails – The Mango Birdy

Cocktails come distinctively presented, with slices of fruits on the side. The Mango Birdy has dark rum & spicy mango syrup.


Marquesya & Slush Crush

Marquesya (white wine, vodka, triple sec) & Slush Crush (watermelon, vodka, lychee syrup), RM28.90 each. On the bright side, they’re potent, but the deal-breaking downside is that taste-wise, they’re too sweetly syrupy (plus, the liquor feels somewhat off).


Brandy Alexander

We were tempted to try another of Goodsaltz’s speciality cocktails, the Ice Milo (whiskey, bailey’s & kahlua), but after all that, we retreated to the can’t-fail safety of a classic Brandy Alexander instead. It sounds like we’re quibbling a lot about Goodsaltz, but we do think this place has promise & we’re optimistic it’ll get better as the weeks go by.



Location and Contact Details

Goodsaltz at The Curve

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Tel: 03-7733-7860

View Goodsaltz at The Curve’s directory page here.

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