The onslaught of American F&B franchises continues: Fuddruckers has brought what it calls the ‘world’s greatest hamburgers’ to Malaysia, following in the recent footsteps of brands like Johnny Rockets & Red Lobster.


The First Outpost

Fuddruckers’ first Kuala Lumpur outpost is now at Lot 10, seeking perhaps to capitalise on Bukit Bintang’s tourists & shoppers. It’s visible from the main road of Jalan Sultan Ismail, replacing what was once Bon Ton on the street level of the mall’s annexe.


Hearty Burgers

Burgers here are hearty; customers can choose versions comprising beef patties weighing 1/3 lb (RM34.90), 1/2 lb (RM46.90), or 2/3 lb (RM56.90) in reputedly freshly baked buns, prepared medium or medium-well, paired with Fudd Fries (thick wedges) or thinner French fries. This photo shows our 1/2-lb order, which would be a really heavy lunch.


Moist and Tender Patties

The char-broiled patties (cooked to order, so they take about 10-15 minutes to serve) are moist & tender, offering big mouthfuls to bite down on. But ‘world’s best’ is hyperbole, of course. We tried the ‘Southwest,’ topped with hickory-smoked beef bacon, guacamole, melted pepper jack cheese, ranch dressing, chipotle mayo, lettuce & tomatoes. The sum of all those components is not as punchy in flavour as it sounds, but it works well enough for a sink-your-teeth-into-this burger.


The Caesarwich

Chicken sandwiches are available; the Caesarwich (RM22.90) is a fun one that features a sizeable slab of grilled breast meat with Caesar salad dressing, crunchy romaine lettuce, crispy croutons & parmesan cheese.


‘Signature Spice’ Steaks

Steaks are another speciality here, seasoned in Fudds’ ‘signature spice’ & hickory-grilled on an open flame. The bigger steaks are a bit pricey (RM110.90 for a 400-gram bone-in rib-eye) for example, so we opted for a more wallet-friendly platter of rib-eye (170 grams) with sauteed shrimp, creamy-milky mashed potatoes & mixed veggies for RM69.90.


Well-Prepared Meals

As with everything we tried here, pretty satisfactory & reasonably well-prepared – the meat’s tasty & juicy enough. At this point, the only hesitation we really have might be the prices, but it’s understandably expensive to operate a restaurant in this location.


Ground Beef Chili

Fuddruckers’ chili is worth sampling – plenty of ground beef (safe flavours – mildly spiced by the standard of Malaysian palates, but mercifully still very far from bland) in a 1980s-era bread bowl for RM18.90. Can easily be shared by two or three customers.


Salad Bar

To help take some of the sting off the cost of eating here, Fuddruckers has a salad bar where folks can help themselves.


Fuddrucker Treats

We have cookies: Fuddruckers’ own-baked treats are enjoyable (RM9.90 for three), coming in flavours like chocolate chip, raisin oatmeal, macadamia & butter sugar. We finished every bite.


Wine is available (a pleasant surprise), starting at RM24 per glass for Chilean & Aussie varieties that do cost less elsewhere.



Location and Contact Details


R1 & R2, Annexe Block, Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Open daily, 10am-11pm

Find: Fuddruckers directory page here.

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