Afiyet olsun! A taste of Turkish street food has come to Old Klang Road, courtesy of young newlyweds and F&B entrepreneurs Desmond, a native of Istanbul, and his Malaysian wife, Evonne.


The hardworking couple currently keep their restaurant open 10am-10pm, seven days a week, whipping up hot and fresh fare like ‘tantuni’ (RM15.90 nett), moreish rolls of thinly sliced lamb …Fravashi_2

… ‘lahmacun’ (RM15.90), crisp flatbread crowned with lamb, minced veggies and spices …Fravashi_3

… ‘pide’ (RM15.90), the Turkish equivalent of pizza, topped with the customer’s choice of meat (chicken, beef or lamb) and herbs 


… and ‘fatayer,’ a cheesy meat pie pastry that comes out piping-hot from the oven of Fravashi, named for the Zoroastrian guardian spirit.Fravashi_5

Part of the secret to Fravashi’s delicious dishes: Bread baked from scratch right here.Fravashi_6


Fravashi’s meat recipes prove expertly executed: The lamb kebabs turn out succulent and savory (RM17.90 with seasoned basmati rice).Fravashi_7

Even chicken wings (RM15.90) taste more flavorsome than usual, finger-lickin’ fabulous.Fravashi_8


Fravashi’s menu remains limited at this early stage; Desmond and Evonne hope to eventually offer adventurous concoctions like ‘cig kofte,’ raw meat evocative of steak tartare, but for now, they’re sticking to safer options like ‘cacik’ (RM7.90), a chilled mix of diluted yogurt, olive oil and mint …Fravashi_9


… and ‘coban salatasi’ (RM7.90), a salad of tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, peppers, onions and feta dressed in olive oil, lemon juice and pomegranate juice.Fravashi_10

Italian food

Fravashi also serves basic Italian pasta and pizzas, though these might not be its forte; the spaghetti aglio olio borders a bit too much on blandness …


… while the pizzas (RM22-RM25) might prove too thickly crusted for some patrons.Fravashi_12


For a sweet finish, there’s the ever-popular, nutty-sugary baklava of course …Fravashi_13

… though we prefer the honeyed fig with vanilla ice cream (with the figs brought to Malaysia by Desmond’s mom on her most recent visit to KL).



Beautiful-looking Turkish tea sets (RM10) are available too …Fravashi_15

… featuring imported Arabic leaves partnered with ‘nabat’ saffron candy …Fravashi_16

… and a medley of mulberries and raisins.Fravashi_17

All in all, Fravashi’s a pleasant stop, pretty casual and welcoming, run by friendly owners striving to serve satisfying fare. A nice, no-fuss little entry to Old Klang Road.Fravashi_18Fravashi_19


Location and Contact Details:

Fravashi Mediterranean Restaurant
12, Ground Floor, 3rd Mile Square Business Center, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7988-0046

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