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Making the Mesui neighborhood a likely mecca for coffee lovers, Feeka finally opened this week, brought to us by the people behind PJ’s Butter + Beans.

Inspired by the Swedish social philosophy of “fika” (taking a coffee break with family and friends) Feeka is that rare city-center cafe that feels effortlessly casual and charming, well-lit and welcoming, spacious and striking. It’s poised to become a big, irrepressible hit.Feeka Coffee Roasters_2

Pastries and Cakes

Egg-bountiful brunches, sandwiches and hot meals should be served starting Saturday, but for now, customers can pounce on plenty of pleasant-looking, pleasure-providing pastries and cakes. Feeka Coffee Roasters_3

Breakfast and Brunch

December update: Feeka’s full menu is now available, with all-day-breakfast dishes (10am-6pm) that try to raise the bar in terms of inventiveness while keeping prices reasonable. No complaints whatsoever about the fried eggs with sweet potato hash and shredded duck confit (RM19).Feeka Coffee Roasters_4


Worthwhile side dishes include rosemary potato hash and lamb sausages (RM5 each).Feeka Coffee Roasters_5

Sweet Tooth

Even the French toast is devised with fun twists, a brioche made fruity with spiced pineapples and orange sauce, accompanied by chantilly cream (RM16).Feeka Coffee Roasters_6

Best Bets

Best bets include cinnamon rolls with almonds and raisins, fulfilling in freshness and fragrance … Feeka Coffee Roasters_7

 … olive oil carrot cakes, nicely nuanced and beautifully balanced in flavor … Feeka Coffee Roasters_8

.. coconut cheesecakes … Feeka Coffee Roasters_9

… and mousse-light chocolate tarts, mostly within the single-digit price range per slice. Feeka Coffee Roasters_10

A Wide Choice of Coffee

And of course, coffee. No lack of choices …Feeka Coffee Roasters_11

 … though not everything’s available at this soft-launch stage.Feeka Coffee Roasters_12


December update: A nice affogato is available now, featuring New Zealand’s Kapiti ice cream.Feeka Coffee Roasters_13

Set to Thrive

Many vacant tables on Feeka’s first morning, but expect seats to become scarce soon.Feeka Coffee Roasters_14 Feeka Coffee Roasters_15Feeka Coffee Roasters_16

Location Details:

Feeka Coffee Roasters

19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur

Open morning through 6pm for now, through midnight by month’s end

Find Feeka Coffee Roasters’ directory listing here.

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