Taman Desa this week bids a warm welcome to Doiffee, a cosy new cafe that feels like the sort of neighbourhood retreat where folks can come to escape, unwind & linger for an hour or two to refresh their spirits.


A Family Affair

Doiffee is helmed by 23-year-old Lionel, a former finance student who has embarked on F&B entrepreneurship, like many others around his age. This cafe is not only a labour of love but also a family affair; Lionel’s father, a construction sector veteran, crafted Doiffee’s homey setting, complete with a fireplace & other touches that’ll evolve in the weeks ahead.


Coffee-And-Milk Jelly

Doiffee is in its soft-launch stage, so the kitchen isn’t dishing out hot food yet. For now, customers can try this coffee-&-milk jelly (RM4 nett); it’s usually served on its own, but if you’re lucky, Lionel might have his mom’s home-made koi fish jelly to accompany this light, chilled treat. Pre-packed salads & sandwiches are now available, plus a basic selection of independently baked cakes; once the kitchen starts running later in August, expect all-day brunch fare with potentially intriguing twists.


Reasonably Priced

Doiffee barista Sing Thong might be a familiar face in the Klang Valley’s coffee circle; here, he works with a blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian & Sumatran, with both medium-roast & dark-roast available. The coffee is rightly priced for the suburbs, with espressos costing RM7 nett & flat whites at RM9 nett.


Hot Chocolate and Affogato

Light-tasting hot chocolate (RM10), not cloying at all, is available, as well as affogato featuring New Zealand’s Kapiti ice cream.


A Nice Addition

All in all, Doiffee seems like a nice addition to an area that’s burgeoning with distinctive cafes, from Await to Le Lapin to Encore. The vibe is positive, the food is wholesome & the coffee is worth sipping. And for customers who might be wondering, the cafe’s name is inspired by the Thai word ‘doi,’ or mountain.


Location and Contact Details



10A, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa

Tel: 03-2162-0886

View Doiffee’s directory page here.

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