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This post is brought to you by La Creperie de Caroline.

French Restaurants have are reputation for being some of the best in the world, and thankfully, KL can now boast another establishment that’s bringing authentic French cuisine to Malaysia.

First, Authentic Creperie in Town

La Creperie de Caroline has the distinct advantage of being the first, authentic creperie in town, bringing a piece of Brittany to the trendy streets of Bangsar. Helmed by French woman Caroline Broutin (the name of the restaurant translates to Caroline’s Creperie – easy enough to remember), La Creperie is unique in all senses of the word.


An Extensive Range of Delectable Treats

Coming from a family with a strong culinary background (her father is a chef in her native Lille), it was only a matter of time before Caroline decided to set up her own restaurant.The restaurant is a charming one, with warm lighting, wooden furniture and smooth, jazzy vocals softly providing the perfect ambiance for a relaxing lunch.The art of crepe-making was developed and honed in the western French region of Brittany, which is precisely where Caroline learnt how to make them. Crepes and galettes (the savoury variety) represent an important part of French gastronomy and Caroline does them justice with her extensive range of delectable treats.


La Forestiere

We sampled the La Forestiere, a bestseller on the galettes menu and weren’t disappointed. A huge, fluffy crepe (made from gluten-free buckwheat flour) arrived with cheese, sliced chicken, creamy mushrooms, and an egg. Initially sceptical about the inclusion of the egg, my worries were soon put to rest as it combined beautifully with the creamy cheese and thicker consistency of the galette.


Western Dishes with a French Twist

Besides crepes, Caroline also offers an impressive variety of Western dishes – all with a French twist, of course.We gave the chicken skewers a go, complete with French fries and a side salad. I quite enjoyed the well marinated grilled vegetables, and for those who love a bit of spice, the succulent meat is served with a hint of chilli sauce, for added zing.



The desserts here are a highlight, naturally. Cakes and tarts are freshly baked, and the Mille feuille slice was both decadent and delicious. Sweet crepes take centre stage, and we sink our teeth into a heady combination of raspberry ice cream, fresh fruit and whipped cream in the form of the Framboisine crepe. The icing on the cake however, was the homemade salted butter caramel waffle. Topped with a scoop of heavenly caramel ice cream, this gem of a dessert disappeared in about two minutes flat, despite it being the last dish we tried – a testament to its glorious nature.



Not satisfied with just providing food, Caroline serves up a massive variety of drinks – from cocktails and beers to wine and spirits. And with 90% of the ingredients being imported from France, you’ll be hard pressed to find another French eatery in KL that comes close to the authentic flavours at this creperie. Bon appetit!


Location and Contact Details

La Creperie de Caroline

33, Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar

Tel: 03-2202-0238

Find: La Creperie de Caroline directory page here

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