Dim Sum Yuen can be credited for pretty & polished presentations, with much of its extensive steamed selection served in distinctive square wooden boxes that bear the imprint of the restaurant’s name.

1. Dim Sum Yuen 2. Dim Sum Yuen 3. Dim Sum Yuen 4. Dim Sum Yuen

In terms of flavour though, not much left a lasting impression – not the tricoloured shrimp dumplings, flower buns or pumpkin cakes. Still, there was one saving grace for this meal – chee cheong fun stuffed with sliced yau char kwai, an unconventional combination that worked well together, especially in terms of texture.

5. Dim Sum Yuen 6. Dim Sum Yuen 7. Dim Sum Yuen 8. Dim Sum Yuen

Alas, Yuen’s other subversive interpretations of chee cheong fun – including one bundled with omelette, & another tinged pale green with spinach & laced with shrimp – fell prey to the bane of a stodgy skin & bland fillings.

9. Dim Sum Yuen 11. Dim Sum Yuen 12. Dim Sum Yuen

Location & Details

Dim Sum Yuen

22, Jalan Radin Bagus 7, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Mon-Sat, 730am-11pm; Sun, 730am-4pm.

Tel: 03-90544775

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