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Search at Damansara Uptown: Snapshot offers hand-cut fries, cooked to order, thick & fairly fluffy, made with russet potatoes, served with a choice of sweet-spicy sauce or tangy lemon aioli.

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Wild Wild East at Desa Sri Hartamas: Food Stall Review

Wild Wild East gallops this month into KL's untamed frontiers of upmarket street food, bringing a maverick take on cooked-to-order beef, lamb, chicken & fish.

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The Hawker Street at Taman Desa: Snapshot

The Hawker Street strives to be a credit to Penang; it received a reasonable measure of endorsement from our companions who were born on or studied on the island, making it a serviceable stop for customers who crave northern comfort cooking.

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Review: Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream at Alor

Yet another Thai street-food treat is set to make its Malaysian breakthrough this year: Independent newbie Sangkaya Creamery is bringing locally made, Chatuchak-influenced coconut ice cream to the sultry streets of KL

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Review: Lammeeya at Damansara Uptown

'Authentic Malaysian Chinese cuisine close to our hearts' is the tantalising tagline for the Lammeeya family of

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Jalan Alor at KLIA: Restaurant Review

Unfortunately, options at our Kuala Lumpur International Airport are slightly unexciting, but there's still

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