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CalleVerde Cafe at Tun H.S. Lee Road: Restaurant Review

CalleVerde heralds the latest chapter in a pilgrimage of faith for its Filipino founder Cress Hipolito, whose professional F&B experience began with an episode that left her with third-degree burns several years ago.

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Playground Coffeery at Taman Melawati: Snapshot

A hidden gem in Taman Melawati, this quirky and cosy café is a great place for curling up with a good book and coffee, enjoying a comforting meal with friends, or simply indulging in a delicious dessert.

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Homuri Homemade Desserts at The Starling, Damansara Uptown: Snapshot

Dealing with a Rubik's Cube has never been more delicious. Have a go at devouring the colourful yoghurt-based creation by Homuri Homemade Desserts.

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Maiko Tea Cafe at Telawi, Bangsar: Cafe review

Matcha maniacs, meet MaikoTea Cafe, potentially KL’s premier destination for drinking green tea.

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Mighty Monster at MyTown Shopping Centre: Restaurant Review

Stomping into Cheras, Mighty Monster is more heartwarming than hair-raising, blending warm service with a winsome

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Aida Daniya Tea House at Fraser's Hill: Snapshot

Aida Daniya's setting might be its undeniable attraction, perched on a scenic slope of Fraser's Hill. But its food passes muster too, with hearty fare like fried chicken with chips and cream sauce for lunch, and the obligatory scones, cakes and pies for tea.

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Potter's Cafe at Petaling Jaya: Snapshot

Discretely tucked away in Petaling Jaya, Potter's Cafe offers cakes and coffee in their art gallery.

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Mikro at Taman Melawati: Cafe review

Fahmi, El, Nas and their friendly crew bring a lot of heart to Mikro, a small space that won us over big time.

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The Bloom @ Puchong: Snapshot

The Bloom’s own-made tarts coupled with filter coffee and iced tea complements the calming and mellow piano music tinkling softly in the background.

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Smoking Skeleton at One Space at One City: Snapshot

This coffee stand may currently sport a bare-bones selection - sit down for an espresso or take away a flat white

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Food by Fat Cat at Jaya Grocer, Sunway Geo Avenue: Snapshot

The big dogs are romping into Sunway Geo Avenue: Food by Fat Cat feels purr-fect for a cheerful lunch, marking a

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Nayuta Chocolatasia at Isetan The Japan Store, Bukit Bintang: Cafe review

This new chocolate boutique-cafe relies primarily on cacao beans from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, turned into treats that are made in Malaysia under Japanese auspices.

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Shibuya Dessert at Sri Petaling: Snapshot

Sri Petaling's newest dessert parlour promises a hot-and-cold medley of Japanese crowd-pleasers.

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