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Botanica Deli at Bangsar South: Deli review

Lots of space, light and leaves make Botanica Deli a pretty appealing new lunchtime retreat for Bangsar South's office workers

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The Greenies Salad Jars: Review

The Greenies offer tasty and balanced nutrition on the go, with no fewer than 8 varieties of salads

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ChimiChurri at Jaya One: Restaurant review

ChimiChurri serves warm, wholesome and well-prepared salads, wraps and sandwiches

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The Bean Belt at Menara Haw Par, Sultan Ismail: Cafe review

A satisfying stop for lunch and coffee, The Bean Belt offers salads and sandwiches sourced from an independent supplier

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Salad Shack at Damansara Utama: Snapshot

Damansara Uptown's diverse crop of fresh faces include this friendly salad bar where customers can choose from a selection of signature salads or create their own

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Chopstick Diner Lunchboxes: Online delivery review

This salad-based lunchbox delivery service, has earned plenty of positive feedback in the past 18 months and we're happy to add to the praise

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WhupWhup at Subang Jaya: Restaurant Review

A former factory that once churned out industrial yarn is now reincarnated as a cavernous cafe that whips up comfort fare & coffee.

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M-Ti-Cup Studio at Centrio Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar South: Restaurant Review

A Taiwanese-inspired cross between a private kitchen & a coffee bar? Malaysian couple Damien Chong & River Ho have created a singular space in a SoHo suite in Bangsar South, open four afternoons a week

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Go-Getter Cafe at Bukit Jalil: Restaurant Review

Go-Getter Cafe goes all-out to get its customers in a feel-good mood, with a menu that's designed to be energetically distinctive & a setting that's bright & buoyant.

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Mr. Wolf at Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya: Restaurant Review

Mr. Wolf howls into PJ this month: Helmed with ferocious flair by young chef Bryan Tan & his Wolfpack, this is a haven for ambitious & adventurous cooking, tackling Asian-accented tapas & other contemporary creations that convey forceful flavours.

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Benjy Cafe at E-Tiara Subang Jaya: Restaurant Review

Benjy Cafe is the ideal neighbourhood destination for comfort food, prepared with plenty of thought & heart to deliver satisfying flavours.

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