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Interesting Desserts to Try in KL

Have you ever heard or tried a dessert called Papaya with Bird's Nest and Steamed Egg White? What about a Belgian waffle with spicy chicken floss?

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Cafe 5 at Pudu: Cafe Review

It’s nice to find eateries that work hard to own their niche. Cafe 5 serves purely two specialities - Belgian-inspired Liege waffles and interesting flavours of handcrafted ice cream.

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Satti Sorru Indian Claypot Curry Rice at Pudu: Food Stall Review

This friendly new Indian food stall in Pudu promises curries surprisingly cooked to order, meticulously mixed with rice and meat in claypots for fresh, fragrant and fiery soul food

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Whip Up at Pudu: Cafe review

Plated desserts that reveal playful secrets, served in a cheerful, creative cafe.

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