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Cincin at Cheras: Snapshot

If you think that tacos with wine have a nice ring to them, Cincin could be a worthwhile stop in Cheras

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Gai Ye BBQ Satay Lok Lok at Cheras: Snapshot

Aiming to come close to Malacca's satay celup experience, Gai Ye offers all the essential hits, from cockles to quail eggs, pork meatballs to kangkung.

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OMB Noodle Bar at Cheras Selatan 118: Restaurant review

Noodles all day, everyday: OMB (One More Bowl) is an interesting destination for fans of soupy goodness, offering a

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The Dark Gallery at MyTown Shopping Centre, Cheras: Cafe review

The Dark Gallery casts a new, relatively refined light on the chocolate experience, allowing for an appreciation of cacao in a nuanced, thoughtful fashion.

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Rumah Asap Borneo KL at Cheras: Snapshot

Specialities from Sarawak seize centre stage at this new venue - on Saturdays and Sundays, customers can relish the

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Spetta at MyTown, Cheras: Snapshot

Spetta bids buongiorno to KL, hoping to bring the casual breeziness of an Italian-inspired coffee bar to Cheras

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Figure Fuel at Sunway Velocity Mall: Restaurant review

Figure Fuel's star attractions are burgers and pizzas, each clocking in at a weight-watching 480 calories or less

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Dragon Co at Taman Maluri, Cheras: Snapshot

Tongue to tail eating, with everything in between, at Cheras' current hotspot for Chinese Hunan cuisine

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Elixir Kitchen at Cheras: Restaurant review

It's a carnivore's club at Elixir Kitchen, which promises plenty of pork and poultry, ham and sausages, beef, lamb and seafood, marinated in-house with a host of herbs and spices for a spike of flavour

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Mochu Locco Zakka at Cheras: Snapshot

Mochu Locco Zakka may be worth the effort if you're seeking a winsome cafe for a chill-out session

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Secret Penang Cafe at Cheras: Snapshot

Cheras' secret spot for Penang hawker fare showcases the likes of white curry noodles

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Summer at 17°C Cafe at Connaught Avenue, Cheras: Cafe review

This is a bright suburban cafe that boasts a cool vibe and smart, fun ideas on how to entice and engage customers

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Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant at Cheras: Restaurant review

Four Seasons offers well-executed Chinese cuisine with a Malaysian flair to capture crowds of families and friends in a bright, comfortable setting.

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Chapathi Recipes at Taman Connaught: Restaurant review

If you’re in the bustling neighbourhood of Cheras, then a visit to the latest addition of the ever-growing culinary

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D’workshop brings Hong Kong’s famous ‘eggette’ to Malaysia with new twist

The 'eggette' is an egg waffle made popular in Hong Kong in the 1950s. Originally known as gai daan jai in Cantonese, eggettes are also widely known by their English names such as egg puffs, puffle, or bubble wrap waffles due to their resemblance to bubble wrap.

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