Sniffing out a caffeine bars launched in recent weeks: Cat In The Box at Jaya One.

1 Cat In The Box

Cat In The Box is hidden within the Center for Asian Photographers community center in The School annexe of Jaya One.

2 Cat In The Box

Cat In The Box is meant to help keep the center buzzing as a meeting point for photographers; here’s where folks can come to chat, check out exhibitions, purchase gear particularly for outdoor shooting, engage in workshops & even organize trips & tours focused on photography.

3 Cat In The Box

It’s welcoming, comfy & roomy, thoughtfully stocked with books & magazines (not only on photography but food & other topics too) for customers to browse while nibbling on cream puffs, bagels supplied by Subang’s Brooklyn B & chocolate peanut butter cakes.

4 Cat In The Box

6 Cat In The Box


Cat In The Box features coffee made with single-origin East Timor beans roasted in KL. Also available: Fruity & herbal teas & milk ‘frothies’ (the recipe calls for fresh milk from local farms blended with natural syrup & poured over ice).

5 Cat In The Box

Location and Operating Hours

Cat In The Box

Level 1, The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Currently noon through 9pm daily

View Cat In The Box’s directory page here.

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