The Cafe More at The Fare, another sunshine-blessed outpost in the Mont Kiara neighbourhood, with a wide menu that includes an extensive selection of beverages (everything from pour-over coffee to Dilmah tea to fruit yoghurt smoothies).


Lunch and Linger…

The Cafe More is a venue for ladies who lunch (& linger); we walked into a cafe filled with entirely estrogen-powered patrons.


Sweet Potato Pizza

We kinda like The Cafe More’s unique sweet potato pizza (RM21.90); its base could use some tweaking (tastes a bit too much like supermarket pizza dough), but it’s tastily topped with lots of sweet potato, olives & tomato sauce.


Guilty Pleasures

Cheese-&-kimchi fried rice (RM16.90)? Maybe a bit more ‘guilty’ than ‘pleasure,’ this one.


Ditto for the pasta in a bread bowl with broccoli & heaps of cream; it’s different, but it’s devastating for the waistline.


Stone-Baked Eggs

Stone-baked egg (RM1.50 each), pleasing enough for egg-lovers. Other options here include Shin Ramyun & bulgogi rice.


The Cafe More’s coffee left scant impression for this visit, but this place could still work well for weekday lunch breaks.



Location and Contact Details

The Cafe More at The Fare

MK10 Condominium, Jalan Kiara 1, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6211-2004

Monday -Thursday, 730am-9pm; Friday – Saturday, 730am-10pm

View The Cafe More at The Fare directory page here.

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