Bangsar’s brunch scene is enjoying a fresh infusion of energy, with a pretty appealing new early-bird menu at Palazzo Viva – for fans of hearty servings of eggs with bread, bacon & beans, this might be one reason to rise, shine & swing over to Telawi.


Fans of Creamy Egg Recipes will be Gleeful Here

Fans of creamy egg recipes will be gleeful here – you’ll find Eggs Royale (RM26) served steaming-hot with two thick, decadent yolks over toast with smoked salmon, asparagus & a pool of rich hollandaise sauce, plus the unique Eggs Carbonara (RM25), with beef bacon, crispy onions & parmesan sauce. Breakfast is available 9am-1230pm on weekdays & until 3pm on weekends.






Palazzo Viva’s Big Breakfast

Palazzo Viva’s Big Breakfast set (RM25 nett, including a glass of juice not pictured here) comprises a comprehensive, capably prepared collection of carbs, protein & fibre – scrambled eggs with sliced chicken sausage, beef bacon open sandwich, fried cubed potatoes, warm baked beans, a leafy side salad & even the thoughtful touch of a chilled dessert pudding to end with. Bonus: It’s the perfect presentation for patrons who prefer each component of their meal to remain separate from one another.




On weekends, the brunch menu expands to include several premium specialities – the restaurant’s recommendation is the Royal Croque Monsieur (RM32), an upgraded rendition of the grilled cheese sandwich classic, with smoked salmon on top, plus a fried egg on the side, an avocado dip, salad & fries. Wash down with Palazzo’s red & white sangrias (RM28, constructed with citrus fruits infused overnight with wine) & Italian-made bottled juices with mango, passion fruit & bananas. Many thanks to our hosts at Palazzo Viva for always making us feel welcome here & for feeding us consistently well.





Location and Contact Details

Palazzo Viva

10-12, Jalan Telawi 2,  Bangsar Baru

Tel: +603-2280-0060

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