Brolly recently launched a delivery service that brings food from its Persiaran KLCC restaurant straight to customers’ doorsteps – we tested it out and were pretty pleased with the results; within 90 minutes of ordering online, our food had reached Sri Petaling, and we were digging into a steaming-hot sealed bag of super-juicy boiled prawns that tasted freshly cooked.

1. Brolly

2. Brolly

Pizza, the obvious choice for deliveries, also fared fairly well – we had one loaded with lobster flesh on a spinach-tinged crust (RM65) – as did the hearty almond-and-cornflake-crusted chicken burger with fries (RM34).

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Brolly’s enture menu available online

You’ll find the sweeping range of Brolly’s kitchens conveniently at your fingertips – a slice of southern Americana (hush puppies, chicken with waffles, Cajun-spiced fried okra), fusion chicken wings (fiery Korean bean paste, creamy Malaysian percik, HotHot sauce that might leave you gasping for milk), and accompaniments like a house-made coleslaw, shallot rice & rocket mango salad.

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The whole process was a breeze, from paying with PayPal (or a credit card, if you prefer) to receiving an email confirmation; the delivery dude also arrived without a hitch. Thanks to Brolly for this feast of a lunch; check out the service and ordering details at

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Ground floor, Menara Felda, Platinum Park, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +62181 4122

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