Strategically located outside TGV KLCC, all the better to supply moviegoers with sweet treats to smuggle into the multiplex.

1 Bisou KLCC


Cupcakes are the main lure. Here we have the Vanilla Garden (chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting) & Chocolate Dementia (choc cupcake with choc ganache).

2 Bisou KLCC

Love Me Tender (choc cupcake with peanut butter) & Bling Bling (vanilla cupcake with nutella). The cakes are moist and fresh, generously topped with creamy frosting.

3 Bisou KLCC

Sesame-laced Black Kiss & The Morning After (coffee cupcake).

4 Bisou KLCC


Not bad; can be polished off in a few bites.

5 Bisou KLCC

Bisou at Bangsar Village

For entry on Bisou @ Bangsar Village, click: July 24, 2009.

6 Bisou KLCC

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